January 8, 2021

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  • Anderson and Graham were already up this morning when I called to him that we had to leave in about 45 minutes. We soon headed on our way to the Nutrition Center for a day of testing. This was Anderson's follow up from the same study that he did when he was a baby.
  • They did all kinds of measurements, took his blood, did fitness tests, did ultrasounds, did bone scans and lots of psych testing. We arrived at 9:30 and were back in the car around 3:30 so it was a full day.
  • Now, two things-I always drive off from that hospital just as thankful as I can be that we have 6 healthy kiddos. And I remember the good old days at the Nutrition Center when they gave you real lunches from a restaurant or even the hospital cafeteria instead of a frozen meal for your lunch. 
  • Ha! Anyway, the people were nice. And of course Anderson did great. We may not be the fittest or the smartest, but I can guarantee you that my Dennie boys are the politest.
  • Now, I don't really know much of what happened here at home. I do know that there was some concern over a missing printer. Campbell and Keaton were texting me asking about the printer. They said that it was missing. I thought that it was just missing from their devices meaning that they couldn't see the printer so they couldn't print. I encouraged them to just turn it off and then turn it back on to see if it would connect. They finally had to send me a video showing me that the whole printer was indeed gone! I had myself a good laugh over that-Robby had just moved it to a different spot.
  • I did leave a list while I was gone and you know what-I am not too sure what all was done off of that list. Most school work was finished though tomorrow when I pull out next weeks school I will really be able to see what was finished and what was not finished!
  • Keaton had a sleepover tonight but it was cancelled but thankfully, she had a back up gig with Campbell at Laynie's house. They were both super excited about this and couldn't wait to get out the door.
  • We dropped them off and pretty much as soon as we came home, Kennedy came over to hang with Reagan. Since there is no Sunday school or youth activities at church right now, Reagan is missing her friends the most.  
  • Those two girls spent the evening here while we went down the road to eat some fish tacos at the Wilson's house. Then we just sat around watching college gymnastics! We are an exciting bunch of people!

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