January 11, 2021

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  • We were up fairly early and started well on our school work. However, about every few minutes, I would have to say "Keaton" to make sure that she was awake. I think that she was a little too comfortable on the couch and was having a hard time staying awake.
  • Some how I managed to get finished early enough this morning that I sat with Whitman after I had finished my work. He is so distracted-Robby even got a taste of that today as he helped him finish his last math page. 
  • The big event this morning was the grocery order arriving-milk! We had been out for a little bit. The girls forgot this and had planned on making muffins for breakfast. It ended up that they made muffins for lunch instead as soon as the groceries were unloaded. By this time, Campbell decided that she didn't want muffins herself, but she still made muffins for everyone else.
  • When the muffins were finished, we played a game followed by me taking the boys to their D-group meeting. While they were there, Whitman and Campbell had both asked to go to the library, so that is where we went.
  • I had already requested about 20 books. Whitman found himself about 10 while Campbell found herself about 30. It took some strategic planning for us to be able to cart all of those books out of there. 
  • We then picked up the boys and were home for a while before going to the Fergusons to watch the football game. The adults talked while the kids played with the dog, played with toys and played some games. Oh my kids played with their dog so much that there poor puppy will be exhausted tonight.
  • We stayed out way too late tonight and came home for the last little bit of the game. Graham wanted to watch the after game part, but Robby quickly taped it for him. This crew has to head to bed because I sure don't want anyone falling asleep during tomorrow's reading! 

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