January 27, 2021

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  • At 11:40 last night, we could still hear the girls going strong upstairs. Robby listened to them for a while before hollering at them to go to sleep. He said that they were talking and Campbell was singing. It is not wonder that people around here are so tired in the mornings. They had been in bed since 10 so that was a long time to just be hanging out and not sleeping.
  • Now I don't know if the same thing was going on in the boys' room or not, but Whitman has been a sour child all day long. He his whined and mumbled and muttered all day long. His countenance only changed for a little bit this afternoon when we were seeing the puppies.
  • School went fairly well-Whitman was super distracted all the day long, but he did eventually get it finished. Everyone else did well-Reagan even wrote the next two more paragraphs of her essay with very little help from me. 
  • All my people could do all day long was wait until 3-the time that we were leaving to go and pick out our new puppy. There were 4 girls born in this litter, and we have the second pick. The first pick is happening this weekend, so we had to pick a first and second choice.
  • Let me tell you, those little puppies were so cute. When she brought the laundry basket in with the puppies, Whitman let out the loudest "awww." My Campbell could not wait to get her hands in there and pick the puppy up. 
  • They had different color collars so that was how we picked. It was decided pretty quickly that pink was the first choice and green was the second. Now, how was that determined-I have no idea. Basically, the pink collared dog was the first that we picked up and the green was the next to be picked up.
  • I think we could have all stayed and held the dogs for the rest of the afternoon. Anderson was the most stand offish, but he did finally get a dog to hold. I know that he will quickly warm up to the new puppy though.
  • Once back at home, we were there for about an hour before it was time for church. There were about the same number in the children's tonight. Whitman and Keaton went on the stage to help lead a song, and I heard that Graham played a game upstairs in front of everyone.
  • Once at home the basketball game was one. I snuggled under a blanket and even had me some hot chocolate after finishing up the blog!

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