January 21, 2021

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  • Aww, the last day of school for the week-my favorite day. I really like it more than I like our days off. Now some of my kids always save their harder work for today, but I usually have less work. The girls don't have spelling so that makes me happy, and then on Thursdays I often feel like I am able to skip things if I want (so that is what I do!) 
  • I was about to get out of bed this morning and start my favorite day when Whitman did climb in our bed with us. He rarely gets in bed with us-it has to do with who else is awake. If the brothers are awake then he doesn't usually get in our bed. But it also has to do with the weather a little bit-if it is darker then he thinks it is earlier than it is and will come our way.
  • So before even starting school, Whitman and I were watching cake decorating videos for a bit. Then it was time for school to finally start. My day was shorter because I was even able to pull out some of next week's school-that is truly my most dreaded chore. 
  • Poor Keaton though she really wanted me to help her sew a scrunchie before I left for the afternoon. I told her I would tonight, but that was before we had folks over for dinner. And last night she asked at 9:30, so I was off the clock by then. Tomorrow however, making a scrunchie will be one of the first things on the list.
  • I had a doctor's appointment today-all good. I am always super relieved when my blood pressure is good. I saw a new doctor which I liked so that was a good start to my afternoon. Robby also had a doctor's appointment today and got his first covid shot.
  • I flew home for a few minutes before leaving with Campbell. We made an afternoon of it-we stopped at the vinyl store in Benton, then worked at the pregnancy center, then ran into Hobby Lobby for a project for her and finally picked up her purse that she left at a friend's house on the way home.
  • We arrived home just as Robby was starting on supper. I straightened the house real quick and soon the Fergusons were all over. We had quesadillas for supper tonight and they were pretty delicious. I am right now trying to figure out if breakfast quesadillas are my favorite or if regular quesadillas are my favorite.
  • We did have the Fergusons teach us how to play Catan so that was super exciting to me. Anderson and Graham were all into it as well and we will be able to play it now. I just have one more game from Christmas that I still don't know how to play, but I plan on learning that soon.
  • When everyone left, we gave the kids a bit of downtime before bed. I am so full right now that I can't even think of even mentioning ice cream before bed tonight! I am sure that we will stay up late enough watching puppy training videos that I might change my mind.

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