January 9, 2021

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  • Robby and I tried to stay in the bed as long as we could this morning, but my silly list kept eating at me. So soon I was up, opening the blinds and pulling everything out of our tv cabinet in our room. And, no I am not a horrible person, Robby was awake when all of this happened and really, even if he hadn't been awake it was well after 10.
  • I did cross a few things off of my list this morning-cleaning the upstairs laundry room was one of the big ones. I even managed to find time to play a game with the boys-we played Qwixx and so far, that game is not really that quick at all when we play it. I think that we will get faster when we figure it out better though.
  • The highlight of my day was probably finding someone to take my old sewing machine. Robby had given me one before Reagan was born. A few years ago, I sent it with Reagan to use at a friend's house even though I had been having some trouble with it. The friend, who is a very good sewer, couldn't figure it out so the machine hasn't been used since. Today someone came in picked it up for free-I had explained that it didn't work, but I now will always wonder if they figured it out and ended up being able to sew their kids clothes!
  • During the Razorback game, I did have a little nap. I think that I bring them good luck when I take naps during their games. It was a brief nap so I am not too sure how they did as good as they did.
  • Jodee came and picked up Kennedy this afternoon, and I even helped Reagan with her science before a mad dash to shower and do Bible study with the littles.
  • Then it was time for the adults to go out to celebrate my birthday. Brett came over here to hang out with my people-the big event was the kids getting the pizzas out of the oven tonight when they were done. We had a lesson before leaving on how to get the pizzas out, and the boys were able to figure it out. I guess they are master chefs now-really, what more does a teenage boy need to know how to do in the kitchen-they can fry eggs and can now make frozen pizzas.
  • We came home and Robby made cookies while I made a dessert bar. The kids were too distracted to eat much of our desserts. Soon though the Wilson's left and the kids started their showers.

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