January 22, 2021

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  • No school today so I started my day with emptying the dishwasher and folding laundry in celebration. Then I moved on to pulling out the rest of school for next week. None of that took too long so I even made a little something on my cricut before loading Graham up.
  • When we went to the doctor last year, he had the first part of one of his vaccines and needed to get his second part in 6 months. Well, it has been over 6 months, but he finally has it. 
  • He was a bit nervous. However, at the doctor's office you call before you come in, and then they call you telling you to come in. They called in and we walked to the waiting area and sat down. As soon as we sat down, the nurse came and got him. We went to a room, he took his arm out of his sweatshirt, she poked him and we left. It took about as long as it took for you to read that-so there was no reason to be nervous at all.
  • When we left, we headed straight to Sonic so all was well. He chose a breakfast burrito (even though I made about 50 on Monday night) and a slush. I had a flavored water which is my preferred sonic treat-except when I get one, I spent most of the afternoon having to run to the bathroom.
  • At one, I started two recipes of rolls, and Robby and I worked on the roast. We have never made roast before but because of our wrong grocery order that was what was on the menu. Robby then left with Whitman to get his hair cut.
  • Now, when the lady finished cutting Whitman's hair, she asked him if he liked it. He said, "no." He speaks the truth. He continued that he wanted a mohawk. The next stylist suggested that she add some product to his hair and make it a mohawk, and that she did. Then, he was proud of that hair cut!
  • Meanwhile, the girls and I did a bit of sewing. We made scrunchies. We followed the directions and they turned out cute, except they were much stretchier than we thought they would be. Actually, I can't figure it out at all, but it was good practice. 
  • Soon supper prep was in full gear-two recipes of rolls, the roast and carrots, au gratin potatoes (from a box, well, two), two recipes of banana bread, plus 2 pounds of bbq because we were afraid that the roast was going to be too small. 
  • Well, we had some roast even left over. Now, will I be cooking roast every week now-nope. I am not really a hunk of meat fan. The carrots were good, but I much prefer those rolls. I could eat a dozen. I showed some self control and didn't eat a dozen, but I bet that some of my kids did! 
  • And we even had quite a bit of bbq left over. I guess we have a meal or two for the next few days-at least I hope so because we are trying not to go to the grocery store!
  • It is currently 11:45, and Campbell and Keaton have friends over so we are going to let them stay up until midnight so I guess the others are as well! 

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