January 28, 2021

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  • The other night Robby teased me for setting my alarm since I hit snooze for so many, many times in the mornings. I told him that I would never wake up without an alarm. Well, this morning even though I did set my alarm, I was still snoozing soundly when he woke me up.
  • We still managed to get about 30 minutes of our reading in-even read a book about Thursday-you know today is Thursday and all. I thought this was the neatest thing, though some of my big people just rolled their eyes at me.
  • We did all of our school-Thursdays used to be a short day, but for some reason I was still sitting doing school at 12:30. But we are not done for the week! School is even pulled out for next week so I am feeling pretty!
  • I was just texting someone talking about how we had the home ec thing going on over here today. Everyone had their chores-Keaton even went above and beyond and organized Campbell's drawers. And believe me that was a task.
  • Campbell did some sewing making a little star pillow, Keaton finished her game that she invented and made herself, Reagan made a few bracelets, and there was lots of cooking as well.
  • Keaton and Graham made supper for us tonight. At lunch time, they cooked their chicken and in the afternoon they baked and iced a chocolate cake. And at supper time, they baked a Doritos chicken casserole. It was pretty tasty, and their meal was a super big hit.
  • Actually, their cake was so good looking that we took it over to the Wilson's house to eat over there-they had more ice cream choices than we had. We stayed over there for a bit before heading home.
  • Whitman has been watching a series on tv that kind of makes us a bit crazy but we also kind of can't stop watching it when we are in the room too so we watched a few episodes of it before it was finally bedtime.

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