January 5, 2020

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  • We did much better waking up today. Seriously, I was proud of us! It was around 8:45 when we started to do our together work. I was able to breeze through it all pretty swiftly so within an hour we were done with that and started on real school work.
  • I think that everyone did most of everything today-I know that Reagan didn't get her math done since she had to go to school. And Whitman barely finished his math and did so with me handing out candy for each problem that he finished. Graham had his review math day, so once he remembered what he needed to do, things went smoothly for him.
  • School is always just weird to me-some days are long and some days aren't. I was finishing my work a bit after noon even though yesterday I finished around the same time, and we did half as much school.
  • I then headed out to the camper to fill it back up with all of our clean sheets, blankets, and towels. It took me about 45 minutes to get everything put back into its place. Tomorrow I will restock paper goods and be ready to leave for sure.
  • While I was inside, Graham and Whitman did a failed science experiment about growing crystals. Well, I don't know if it is a fail just yet, but I am guessing that it won't work. Whitman and I later worked on making his crystal volcano that he received for Christmas. It was pretty cool in that crystals started forming almost immediately.
  • Soon I headed out-after Robby had to jump my van. It just gets persnickety if we don't use it. I dropped off some clothes to donate (I dropped off 6 bags, but Dana sent home a bag of clothes tonight so does it count on my list that I got rid of 6 bags or 5 bags?) 
  • Then I ran by the library before picking Reagan up from school. She was chatty on the way home so she must have had a good day. 
  • Once I made it home, I walked on the treadmill for a little bit so I could watch a Hallmark movie. As soon as I was finished, it was time to leave for Grannymom's house to start my birthday celebrations.
  • We had poppyseed chicken which was a hit with 4 of 6 Dennie kids. We have been meaning to make it for years around here. We always liked it when we did make it and liked it very much tonight. There were also apple dumping for dessert which are one of my favorites.
  • The kids played games after we ate. And when we did leave, most of my kids ran half way to Danas in the freezing cold weather. I would have thought that they would have gotten enough of that this weekend!
  • Once at home, I finished my hallmark movie and even did a little sewing on Reagan's mask-that sewing machine is coming in handy!

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