January 23, 2021

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  • We were surprised when we slept later than usual today. That is always nice. I figured when I woke up needing to go to the bathroom that it was early, but nope it was late and that was great! 
  • Robby and I didn't really do much at all today-seriously, we did nothing. Now, we did watch the whole ball game-which is rare for me. Usually I snooze during the second half, but the boys were in my chair and on the couch, so I stayed busy reorganizing my vinyl while watching.
  • Now, I did finish Campbell's sweatshirt that we have been talking about making for a very long while. It turned out cute-and maybe just as expensive as the one that we saw and thought was too expensive to buy! Either way, she is proud and that is good.
  • During the ballgame Campbell asked to make snickerdoodles. Robby was quick to tell her that she could certainly make them. That girl is a little chef and had the best time baking in the kitchen-and she even did all of the clean up herself.
  • Oh, I picked out pictures for half of the month-each month I work on picking out everyone's pictures for Robby to put in their birthday books (which we are a bit behind on). This is a task for him because it takes a while to get the pictures all ready, and then it takes me a bit to go through all of the pictures.
  • We capped off the afternoon with a nap! What could be better than that. Now, I did work on my list for next week. The girls were just playing a game as we decided to head to the Wilson's house for supper. Tony created a great noodle dish that Robby would like to recreate on his griddle. 
  • We played Catan-it is my new favorite game. And hopefully, it has reminded Robby that he enjoys playing games. We had fun and even Shannon enjoyed it. After playing we sat around and visited for a little bit while eating Shannon's cookies. 
  • It was near 10 when we came home, so the kids all had their showers before it was finally bedtime!

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