January 4, 2021

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Well, back to reality today and man, it sure was tough. Nothing like starting school after a week long trip, Christmas, a week of laziness and then a weekend camping trip! It was tough-it did help that we didn't do it all today, so I am not real sure what I was still sitting in my bedroom at noon working.

I had planned on us working together at 9 today-thirty minutes later than usual. However, my bed was oh, so comfortable. It was probably 9:20ish when we did get started, and I just barely read a few things because I thought that I was going to finish early and could use that extra time to do my house things.

I am not sure what all took so long today-well, I do! Graham has completely forgotten has math. Not just the math that he was doing before our break, but also he has forgotten the math that he was doing in the 5th and 6th grade. I have printed out some worksheets for him as a reminder though.

As soon as I finished with Graham, Reagan came in needing help. She has a biology test tomorrow-who does that? At least she gets to have a note card of notes to use during the test. But still, who does that-a test right after the break? 

Once we adequately filled that notecard, I headed out to the camper to work. Robby was working on the outside of it while I worked on the inside. I vacuumed, straightened, windexed, cleaned, swept, swept again and mopped. That all didn't take me long-at least it is a small space.

Now my house is sure not a small space though. The camper is neat and clean and this house is Christmas trashed still. The Christmas stuff is up, but the presents laying in the floor everywhere is getting my a little bit claustrophobic. And really, that is sure unlike me because I am the one who loves to leave my presents out until well after my birthday-and yes, I am already putting things up each day.

Around 2:30 the Fergusons came over to play. Everyone played some board games. Whitman really enjoyed the games so much that he wants to have a family game night this week sometime. That is high up on my list as well! 

The kids all played outside, and then my girls brought Emma in to make cookies. When the cookies were done, I asked if they were going to add sprinkles. Keaton told me that they were going to wait until the pan was cool before the sprinkles so Emma wouldn't burn her hands.

As soon as they left, I ran back in to work on some more laundry. Then not too long afterwards, Kim came over to drop off her baby for us to watch for a little bit. Campbell was the one who was officially asked to babysit, and she was even paid! That made that girl happy. And I did let her earn her money tonight-she had to work hard, but she had a ton of fun!

We had a few minutes to work on Bible study before it was bedtime, so the evening was fairly short tonight. The kids were almost in bed by 10, so we are trying to get back into a routine! 

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