January 19, 2021

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  • I again woke up right at 7-ugh, what a horrible time to wake up. Thankfully, I did lay in bed really still kind of dozing until it was finally time for me to wake up. I do enjoy getting our day started in a timely manner, but I also enjoy laying in that bed. 
  • When we bought our mattress the first mattress that we saw caught our eye. Obviously, that was the cheapest one. The salesperson soon took us back to other mattresses which were much more expensive. We inquired about the first mattress that we saw, and the sales person then told us that that mattress was really just for a child or guest bedroom. We told her that was all we could afford, and she quickly changed her tune telling us how good the mattress was. 
  • Needless to say, we came home with the cheap guest bedroom/child's room mattress about 10 years or more ago. I told you that little to story because can you just imagine how much I would love sleeping in if we had a really comfortable mattress. (Though I do think that our mattress is just fine.)
  • We did our school work fairly quickly today. Robby took Reagan while Keaton worked on baking cookies for Grannymom and Grandpa. Whitman was still working when it was time for us to load up and leave so I had to hurry him along.
  • Everyone but Reagan (at school) and Anderson (didn't want to go) went skating and ice skating today. I hope that enjoyed it because man, they have sure gone up on their homeschool skate prices. Actually, I know that they enjoyed it.
  • Whitman doesn't get excited about many things, but he was super excited about skating. He could not wait to get there and pretty much skated the entire time that we were there only stopping to eat. Graham enjoys ice skating more than skating-he isn't too confident skating and does okay ice skating. He just needs a little bit more practice on both.
  • I didn't see Campbell and Keaton ice skating, but they have both gotten the hang of roller blades pretty good. Whitman uses the skate aid and does really well-he is probably becoming dependent on the skate aid, but he is having a blast so there is no reason to take it away from him.
  • When we got home I went to town frying 3 pounds of sausage, scrambling 2 dozen eggs and boiling 2 pounds of shells. Campbell eventually came in and helped me, but we made 3 pans of manicotti and got breakfast burritos ready for Anderson and Reagan to put together after supper. 
  • It took a bit before supper was in fact ready, but eventually it was ready. My people were all starving from skating so there were few leftovers. 
  • After supper, folks started on showers, worked on the breakfast burritos, helped with the kitchen (very minimal on that one) and most of us played Cheater's Monopoly. It is just a monopoly game with 5 different ways that you can fairly cheat on each turn. It is kind of neat, but I really don't like any Monopoly games!

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