January 7, 2021

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  • I guess since I am older now, I should be waking up earlier-that didn't really happen this morning. Well, I did wake up before the girls but that isn't saying a lot since they could sleep until noon. Even with my snoozing we were still working by 8:45 this morning.
  • We were able to go through all of my pile of books. I am not sure what I am forgetting, but my book pile is quite a bit shorter than it was before Christmas. Right now I only have about 25 library books checked out instead of our normal 100 or so. 
  • Once the reading was over, folks started on their school work. Let me tell you that we seemed to have a ton of distractions today-well, Whitman had a ton of distractions. Anderson has a nutrition center visit tomorrow and has to bring a sample (I'll just leave it at that.) Well, I figured that 14 is old enough to do the collection, somehow Whitman ended up helping collect the sample. Bless it. Some days his distractfulness is cute, and other days I just want to shake the mess out of him. Today would have been a shaking day!
  • At noon, I called the little three in to work on their Bible study. Then I had to rush out with Reagan to get her to school. While she was in class, I picked up some pictures at Walgreens and then ran to get Bible study books for this semester. I picked up ours and all of the Lawson folks so that was 12 books!
  • As soon as I came home from that, I left again with Keaton for the pregnancy center. We worked on sorting clothes the whole time-she worked and worked. It was a bit crazy today-they are short on help because of stupid covid. We left about 15 minutes after they closed and could have stayed a lot longer to get things nice and neat.
  • We hurried home and I walked on the treadmill for a little bit-which means that I have a movie that I need to finish tonight. Then we made baked potatoes in the instant pot.  They were easy to do and definitely took less time than in the oven so that was a plus.
  • Everyone ate, and then we played Code Names. I really like that game even though it is a bit slow. I still have a few more games that I need to learn how to play. I would really like to take all of the games out of the closet and play each one before we put it back up. I might do that except it would mean that I was just creating a mess!
  • We did eat Campbell's cookies that she made last night. Then we had a bit of downtime before it was finally bedtime. The kids cycled through their showers while I did a bit of heat pressing for Keaton and tried to knock out the blog before it was finally bedtime for the crew!

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