March 12, 2021

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  • Bentley was awake first this morning. She is probably really good for Robby and I; she is causing us to wake up earlier than normal. This was a no school day, but the morning still started off just like usual for me-laundry! 
  • Soon, I was frying hamburger meat and Graham was baking as well. The grocery order came, and the people who were awake helped us unload things. We didn't get a ton of groceries but when they are all spread out in the garage floor they do look like quite a bit. 
  • I was able to finish one movie while on the treadmill. I have now met my New Year's resolution of watching 22 Hallmark movies. That is pretty good-I do plan on watching a few more this summer to up my count. I am trying to catch my movie checklist up with Shannon's movie checklist.
  • Robby left with Graham to go to Grannymom's house, get Graham's hair cut and run by the store. Yes, we had a few more things needed from the other store. And Graham's hair does look really nice all trimmed.
  • I left a bit after they did with Anderson. We went to take his driver's permit test. He came oh so close to passing-he got to question 24 out of 25. He was a tiny bit bummed, but we plan on re-doing it possibly next week. This way he will know exactly what to study for. He also received a hair cut while we were out before we stopped to get a Sonic drink.
  • Oh, and I forgot to mention that most of my afternoon was spend standing in line with Anderson before taking his test. The line took us about an hour-we did learn a very valuable lesson: Friday afternoons are not the day to do any kind of business! Yikes! It was a mad house.
  • Back at home, we had chili cooking. The girls had done their chores, and the house looked fairly decent. I made it home a bit before Robby and started picking up and cleaning. The Crafts came over to watch the Hogs and eat with us. 
  • My boys did most of the ball game watching. We had lots of chili plus hot dogs and ice cream for dessert. It was a pretty perfect evening. Bentley surely loved all of the attention tonight and was just as exhausted as the kids-Graham and Whitman are sleeping in the bonus room tonight. I am sure that those two will be asleep before I can even finish getting ready for bed.

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