March 14, 2021

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  • Time change Sunday-wowzers! That was a bit tough getting our people out of bed. I went around once waking everyone up, and then Robby had to walk around another time to make sure that everyone was awake.
  • This week everyone did know that it was time to go when we left. We didn't leave anyone in the house-last week, Anderson didn't know that we were all in the car. It probably helped tremendously that we had two less kiddos with us since Campbell and Keaton had spent the night at a friend's house.
  • Our Sunday school is growing by leaps and bounds. This week we had 12 or 14 kids while last week there were only about 8. Good problems to have. I actually already have my Sunday school lesson ready for the next Sunday already-I'm already on a roll marking chores off for this next week.
  • After church, Robby ran home with Graham and Whitman to pick up Bentley-I'm sure that one day she will stay home for longer, but right now she is just so little. And certainly, she is our current favorite kid-except for Anderson who is watching me right now type this blog.
  • Grannymom had a yummy meal for us today. We ate, and I even played a few rounds of cards with the kids. On our way home we stopped for gas for both cars. Then it was home for a nap-I think that Bentley, Robby and I were the only ones to sleep. There were lots of people who came in our room to wake the dog up, but Campbell was the one who finally snuck into our room quietly and grabbed the dog out of her kennel before waking us up.
  • The big boys went to church tonight at Rock Creek. Robby drove them there while I worked on making some shirts. When it was time for the people still at home to go to the Wilson's house for our Sunday supper, Reagan was asleep and Keaton decided that she wanted to stay home. I am sure that she was getting her Bentley fill in so that was fine. Whitman wanted to stay home too, but I wanted to make sure that he ate some decent supper, so I made him come. He was fine though since supper ended with ice cream.
  • Shannon had made beans and cornbread, and it was especially good for a dreary evening. The boys had fun at church, and they even plan to go back. We stayed over there for a while, but I was still able to quickly write the blog before it was time for most folks to go to sleep. 

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