March 2, 2021

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  • Real quick-let me brag on this dog. She didn't have an accident all day long yesterday. And well, today she did have one accident in Robby's office. As Robby was taking the dog out...well, one child stepped in the mess. And yes, it was a mess. That said child tracked the mess for a few steps in the house. Gracious me!
  • School was fairly uneventful today. There was one algebra 1 meltdown-but here is the joy of homeschooling. I just went back about 4 chapters, and we will start there tomorrow-with things that we know already.
  • Reagan's English class time has changed so she went to school later today. That helped some, though she didn't bring me her math which just means more math to do later this week. I used to love math...not so much anymore.
  • After I took Reagan to school, I ran to the library. I didn't go in today, and just checked my phone as I waited on them to bring my books outside-it felt wonderful and a bit scandalous. 
  • Back at home, I did Bible study with the girls and Whitman, did my own Bible study and even walked on the treadmill some. (It was a good Hallmark movie today!) I also made two pans of banana bread-I couldn't get anyone to help me baking today.
  • The reason I couldn't get anyone to help was because people were always busy with Bentley. Keaton has become the main taker out. Campbell's chore today was poop picking up-that is always a treat! She chose to use a huge shovel. 
  • Campbell and Keaton made a bracelet shop. They now have an instagram account trying to sell their bracelets. They have already made one sell-Whitman, who now has an arm full of bracelets! I am not sure that their business will be booming as the expect, but hopefully the can make a few sells.
  • We had ravioli for supper while watching the Hogs. Well, I watched the first bit of the Hogs before taking a nap. After the game was over, we ran over to see Baby Kate. She was adorable and most everyone had a chance to hold her. (Anderson declined, but happily took his picture with Eli.)
  • Back at home, we had our banana bread as the kids cycled through the showers. I cuddled the dog as I read a few book chapters before it was finally bedtime for the crew. 

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