March 29, 2021-Spring Break 2021

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It was pretty early this morning when we rolled out. I was hoping that Robby was just getting up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom, not waking up to start the day. Soon though, we were zooming down the road. 

My goal is to always get changed out of my pajamas before we start driving. Today, I was busy brushing my teeth and combing my hair as Robby pulled out. I know that I have said it before but being in the back of the camper is like being in an airplane and experiencing the worst turbulence you have ever experienced. Actually, if you were flying and turbulence was that bad, you would prepare to meet your maker.

So that is why I try to be ready and not trying to pull my leg out of my underwear as we fly down the road. One of my biggest fears is going to the bathroom during a tornado and being found with my pants around my ankles two blocks away. Going to the bathroom in the camper kind of makes me a little un-nerved too. There is just something about sitting on a potty and being able to hear a semi truck blazing past you just feet away.

I do kind of get off topic some, but it was around 6 when we pulled out this morning. The only ones awake were Robby, me and the dog. We had to wake her up because her kennel has to be put up for the slide to come in, and she needed a potty break. (And let me just vent for a minute, she did not have an accident in that camper for over 9 hours yesterday-and she has had three back in this house since we came home this afternoon. I do not understand.)

Robby did move Keaton down off of the top bunk and onto our bed so we wouldn't have to worry about her. We drove for at least an hour or maybe more before hearing any movement in the back. Graham said that he did wake up when we started to drive, but we didn't see him for the longest time. Anderson and Campbell were the first ones to start stirring.

When ever I would go to the back, I would try to pick a few things up and work on our bedding some. Bedding is just tough-you need it out every night, but you sure don't want it left out during the day. So I try to fold things and stack them neatly some day and usually on travel days I put things away. Today though there wasn't much putting away since everything needed to be washed-this was a long trip plus we now have a dog! 

We hadn't been going too long when Robby decided that he needed to go the bathroom. I tried to talk him out of it, but he couldn't be persuaded. We did the mid driving switcheroo. I was told to stay at 70 and keep up with Casey. There was no one on the road so I did just fine-I was actually praying the whole time that no one would pass me and thankfully, no one did. There was no traffic that early where we were.

The first real stop was just before Tupelo. By this time everyone was moving around. The kids are all so funny-they act like they haven't seen each other in days every time that we stop at a gas station. We eventually pulled out our Buccees baked goods-scones, muffins, kolaches and cinnamon rolls. They were delicious though Campbell said that she didn't really like the cinnamon roll.

There was one more stop at the rest stop right when you get into Arkansas. The drivers had to use the restroom. We also spent some time looking at Casey's spare trailer tire-he was a bit concerned he wouldn't make it home. He also showed Robby a drill and jack that he needed to add to his arsenal of tools to be prepared for anything. And then we looked at our van's tail light that looked like it was ready to fall off. Now, that was nothing that a little bit of duct tape couldn't fix (temporarily).

Soon we were back at home filling up the gas tank and getting propane. Then it was home to work-well, Robby is a softee and did buy Subway for our lunch. Graham had been mentioning Subway every single time that we saw a sign for it. We came home and ate before starting on the camper.

The kids helped more than before-of course we are short a kid worker because there always had to be someone with the dog. Robby and I were in the camper gathering things and telling people were they needed to go. Most of the trips were just taking piles of towels, sheets, clothes and jackets to the laundry room to wash. Of course all of the food has to put away which the kids can do for us. 

It didn't really take too long. We even had a bit of downtime before Robby and I went back out to clean the camper. That is my least favorite thing to do but it really just takes about 30 minutes. And when we are done, I always think that I wish that our house was this small because it could be cleaned in that short amount of time too.

Before too long we were huddled around the tv watching the Hogs play. We have some money riding on March Madness so there was some heated competition tonight-we love those Hogs but some people needed Baylor to win so they could win. 

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