March 15, 2021

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  • For some reason when I went to bed last night, I thought that I would wake up early for a head start on school. Well, I guess that I forgot about time change because when Bentley woke me up to go to the bathroom this morning, I sat on the couch, cuddled her and went right back to sleep. We snoozed for a good while.
  • However, we were still able to start on our school work at about the right time. I sped through our reading while Bentley was running crazy through the room. I am not sure why some days she is wilder than usual-well, probably because we had that good nap this morning.
  • School went very well today. It took me until 1 to finish working with everyone, but I persevered. Graham was later than usual because he did school for today and then later this afternoon, he finished the rest of his school for tomorrow. I thought that he was doing this because of basketball tomorrow, but instead there is a video game something happening.
  • The big activity today was taking Bentley to the vet for her shot. It didn't take long at all-I thought she would be a bit sleepy after that big adventure, but she has not at all. She has been a bit cranky and even might be a bit sore because she barked at me and Campbell when we tried to pick her up once this afternoon.
  • This afternoon everyone was busy with different things-Whitman spent forever on the trampoline. Keaton climbed and tree and drew pictures while she was in it for a very long time. Keaton, Campbell and Whitman did some bike riding. Graham was busy with that extra school work while Reagan washed the girls' sheets. And Anderson even came outside for a little bit to fly his drone-it was pretty windy though.
  • Robby and I started working on de-winterizing the camper. We even santized the water tanks. Things were taking a bit longer than expected, but everything was working well...until Keaton told me that she had clogged the potty downstairs.
  • That is not a big deal-I came in and grabbed the plunger. After working and working to no avail, for some reason I opened the shower curtain.  Yikes! The bathtub was full-not with bath water though. Ugh! 
  • I had to go outside and tell Robby that there were more pressing issues inside! He came in and tried everything that he could think of-vinegar and baking soda, more plunging, a long snake like thing, lots of prayers, and eventually he ran to Kroger for some high powered dran-o.
  • A combination of things worked-as in everything has slowly drained. But we aren't real sure what happened and will it happen again. We knew that some day this day might come-when we bought the house, we were told that they didn't know where the septic tank was and the septic tank man said that he wouldn't even try to pump it because he might mess it up. We are prepared adequately hopefully when we added the addition, but we sure don't want to spend those stimulus checks on that!
  • Hopefully this is just a plumbing problem and not a septic tank problem though. Meanwhile, all water usage is being shifted over to this side of the house. Yikes, I guess that means no dishwasher washing tonight. We will survive though!
  • Robby is still finishing up working in the bathroom, and then still has a mess to clean up outside. I have tried to stay busy inside-I even stuffed some Easter eggs with Anderson and Keaton's help. I still have lots of Easter stuff to buy for the kids Easter baskets (I haven't bought anything yet)-actually, I was going to have Robby buy some things tonight, but I will probably wait a bit though.
  • We have let the kids stay up way too late tonight. Reagan is currently tucking a blanket around Bentley like she is a baby. My people are spoiled and they are spoiling our little dog too.

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