March 17, 2021

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  • Pops wrote me fairly early this morning saying that hail should be coming soon. Of course, this just excites me so I tried to get our school started before the storm. And also another goal was to get Bentley to potty before the storm as well.
  • The storm was a little lackluster except we did have quite a bit of rain. I enjoyed it, but I am not too sure that Bentley did since she spent a good deal of the morning in my lap. We plugged through school-Whitman was the last to finish today. We were certainly distracted today. At 12:30, I did help him finish the last few things.
  • Anderson and Robby left fairly early this afternoon. Anderson's birthday party had to be cancelled last year before his birthday. Then we couldn't really have it during the winter time. So recently I gave him the choice of doing something soon, but he opted to just skip it. Robby wouldn't take that answer so he treated Anderson to an afternoon of fun.
  • They went to lunch at Freddy's Burgers. Then there was some game playing at Dave and Busters where Anderson won a huge stuffed bulldog. And of course they had to have ChickFilA milkshakes on the way home.
  • While they were gone, we really didn't do anything around here. I did walk on the treadmill, and Keaton worked on a fort in her bedroom. There were lots of chores on people's list to do, but I don't think that too many of them actually were accomplished.
  • Soon Anderson was home and was almost time for church tonight. Wednesday night church is a highlight for most of my kiddos so they are ready to get there and get there early.I spent most of my evening walking people to and from the bathroom. 
  • On the way home, we picked up pizza for supper. We downed pretty much all of the boxes that I bought with only a few leftovers left. Robby and Bentley were happy to see us when we arrived back home-Robby said that really all he had done tonight was to take Bentley to and from the bathroom so we pretty much did the same thing all evening long.
  • After eating tonight, there was lots of dog playing and tv watching. Currently, I am trying to get in line for the tv because I want to finish my afternoon movie!

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