March 5, 2021

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  • I could have slept a little bit longer this morning, but I was awakened to Robby saying that the power just went out. He had probably just finished saying this when our room was filled with pretty much everyone but Reagan.
  • They had all come to tell us that our power was out. Before I could even get out of bed, people were asking about playing a board game. There really is just something special about the power going out! 
  • I was able to do a few chores before Monopoly Cheaters edition was being played at the kitchen table. Grannymom and Grandpa came over to pick up Keaton while we were playing. She was headed over to their house to help Grannymom organize a few things. Organizing is Keaton's specialty.
  • Campbell's current specialty is running a bracelet business. That is what she is currently working on-fulfilling order's from her big sister's sweet friends. She is hard at work making bracelets-I have a feeling that we may have to run to Walmart tomorrow for some more string.
  • The game this morning wasn't completely. I actually loathe Monopoly. I do believe the game ended with almost tears. Ha! Whitman and Graham were fussing and I quickly nipped that in the bud. However, we still had a fun time. Graham was probably the winner, though Anderson might have done well if we would have continued. 
  • After playing, I went right to work on my big plans for the day-changing out Whitman's clothes for his supper clothes and moving most of his clothes upstairs. Don't worry, he still has summer and winter clothes a plenty. His clothes drawers are now huge which I filled with clothes. However, his pajama drawer is now small-and that boys wears more pajamas than regular clothes so something might just have to change.
  • The big boys and Robby went down the road to help lay some concrete. It took a good bit of the afternoon, but the boys were rewarded with some cash. They have done pretty good this week-working for Pops and working for Wes. I need somewhere to make some fun money like them. 
  • Campbell made oreo milkshakes similar to chickfilas this afternoon. They were pretty good-well, she handed me the last cup full and then we realized that Whitman wanted some too. So I did get in one good bite before having to give mine away. I was rewarded with some of Robby's leftover cookie dough though.
  • We had leftovers for supper tonight-they killed hunger, but I am now thinking about a milkshake! Ha! Whitman is currently playing with his magnets. Robby is working with Bentley-who met her first cat today at the Heltz' house. She just wanted to sniff the cat and didn't really care about her at all.
  • We didn't accomplish too many things overall today-Campbell and Reagan still have school work to do tomorrow. Plus quite a few people still have their chores to do tomorrow. I do know that Reagan did her dreaded chore of picking up the dog poo today. She did it without too much complaint-hmm, she may have paid someone to do it for her though!

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