March 30, 2021

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  • I did keep hitting snooze this morning over and over so we started on our school work a little bit later than usual. The kids didn't seem to mind that we spent about 10 more minutes than usual doing our reading together.
  • Then it was back to school-after a break coming back to school is always a bit difficult. Things, however, went fairly smoothly today. Graham did have a bit of a meltdown with his math, but he did recover quickly. 
  • Before I knew it, it was time for me to take Reagan to school today. Her English class has a new teacher and things have gotten substantially harder. Last semester she had a 99.99 percent, but she is just hugging the B- line right now. I don't think that it bothers her so that is good-I just want them to learn and do a good job and not stress about their grades. Life's too short for that.
  • All day long today, I have worked on washing things from the camper trip. My poor washer has gone all day. Once today, I think that it just gave completely up and stopped in the middle of a cycle.  
  • I spent some time loading all of those clean things back in the camper this afternoon. I kind of enjoy working out there because it is pretty quiet...most of the time. And then I even managed to walk on the treadmill today. I have realized that this Covid 19 thing has added about 19 pounds to me (not really 19, but definitely some and since it is bikini time (kidding) I must get serious about this!)
  • Reagan came in from school, made herself a smoothie and promptly took a nap-I guess real school is tiring! 
  • My big activity tonight was Puppy Kindergarten with Bentley. There were about 6 other dogs in our class-she was the only medium size dog. Bentley was definitely most social. She wanted to sniff and smell everyone in the class. The little dogs were terrified and one big dog was barky, but that didn't deter Bentley at all. 
  • At the end of class, we had to work on our skills (sit, down, stay). Bentley just wanted to play with all of her new friends. She wouldn't have anything to do with me at all-until I pulled out the special in case of emergency treats that I brought for her-hot dogs!
  • Once I came home, I had to search for Robby. He was working in the camper-he likes to be quiet in there just like me. But this time he was really working-replacing the seal on the potty. That was not the job that I wanted to help with for sure. He had to take the potty off-yikes! Hopefully everything is all back together.
  • I heated up supper-bbq for most and a grilled cheese for Whitman. I couldn't stretch my leftover bbq any further than 5 sandwiches. Soon Robby, Bentley and I headed to the Wilson's for a little bit. They didn't have any snacks for us, but Bentley did manage to snack on some cat food which she liked well enough to whine about when we wouldn't let her have any more.
  • When we came home, it was bedtime for the crew. Everyone went to bed while Reagan manged to sneak downstairs for some more Bentley time. Reagan is afraid that the dog is sad and depressed! I think that she is just exhausted because she is probably still on east coast time thinking that it is nearly midnight and people won't let her go to sleep.

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