March 21, 2021-Spring Break 2021

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The morning started like all of the rest-Bentley woke Robby up, and then they eventually woke me up. My day did start out with a bang-Robby went to the bathroom leaving me in charge of Bentley which is kind of our normal morning routine. 

I should have thought something was up when Bentley sat at the door that Robby had walked out of and whined. She then went to our bedroom door and turned a few circles before I realized that she was trying to potty. I grabbed her up, shaking things loose and ran down the hall. 

She definitely had to go, and the mess inside wasn't too difficult to clean up so that was good. It was my fault because occasionally she has started to tell us that she does indeed need to go potty. 

Soon I was running around the house waking kids, folding laundry, emptying the dishwasher and taking a shower. Robby was running around trying to make things off of his list-yes, he wrote a list of a few things on his phone. He rarely writes lists, so you know that when he does write a list, something serious is happening or a trip is coming. 

I had time to run my laundry basket of things out to the camper before we headed to church, and then it was time for every one to jump in the cars. We took two cars so Robby could run home a bit earlier to pick up lunch and get a head start. 

Church was still full even though it was Spring Break week, but our Sunday school class was down. When church was over, Reagan picked up her sweatshirt that we made. Jennifer just finished embroidering it, and it looks so cute. She is wearing it now so you may see it in some pictures.

After church, we zoomed home. The first order of business was eating our lunch-Robby had even stopped at Sonic for everyone. We ate and then went to work. The kids were instructed to make their bed and pick up their rooms once again, but who knows how well that happened. Someone was put on dog duty outside since we wanted her to potty and potty well. Anderson folded the rest of my laundry. Everyone put away their laundry and soon the house was in order ready to go.

The Crafts text to say that they were leaving, and we jumped in the camper and headed out. The kids quickly found their spots-Graham in the bed, Reagan on the couch, Anderson in the back dinette, Whitman up top, Campbell and Keaton at the front dinette. Bentley even found her pillow right between Robby and me. 

The drive didn't seem too bad at all. The kids are such good travelers-the only noise we heard was people asking where their candy was located. Whitman did his ask if the bathroom was open. I am not sure when we have traveled and not let anyone potty, but he always asks me every time before he pottys if the bathroom is open. 

Bentley did really well. She would come and lay on her pillow and also snooze some under the table. She tried to tell us when she had to potty, but I sure couldn't convince her to pee on the pee pad-she wanted to eat it. The do work nicely to soak everything up though. We had two accidents on our drive today which is really quite good. She normally is taken potty every 30-45 minutes at home, so lasting for 2 hour stretches is good. Her accidents today weren't anything unexpected, and I was quite prepared-paper towels out the wazoo, pee pads, carpet cleaner, disinfectant, and fabreeze. 

We stopped Tupelo for a gas stop and potty stop for Bentley. The boys were all watching the basketball game-Robby even was keeping his eyes on it for a little bit-instead of the road. We wanted to be quick at the gas stop, but there was crazy traffic and some crazies there so it took a bit longer than we had wanted.

The ride from there to our stopping point tonight (Leeds, AL) was pretty smooth. Bentley slept most of the way while we celebrated the Hogs' victory. Before we knew it, we were stopped at Buccee's buying BBQ sandwiches, a hat for Campbell and a sticker for the camper. It was just right across the street from our sleeping point so we were soon outside chatting with the Crafts, eating our sandwiches and watching the kids playing on the hill that was separating our two campers. 

We stood outside for a while and before we knew it, it was already nearly 11. It takes awhile for us to get beds ready for this crew-it is a chore. A super big chore. I wish we could figure out how to do it easier, but we haven't yet. The kids are able to help, but basically we just have 6 full size people and 2 almost full size people standing in 10 square feet of space trying to move around to brush teeth, put on pjs, go to the rest room, makes beds, plus in devices-it is tough. We make it though and were soon all laying down ready for bed.

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