March 16, 2021

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  • We were pretty exhausted last night. Bentley woke us up fairly early this morning. Robby took her out once this morning and tried to play with her while he did some work. I was up for the next potty break-and she completed all of her morning business.
  • Soon we started on our school for the day. Graham had done all of his work yesterday, so he worked with me first which was strange since usually I am working with him around 12:30. He was super excited about the xbox thing happening-so excited that he woke up at the crack of dawn and was all up half the night.
  • Robby took Reagan to school today. While they were gone, I ran around trying to start on my to do list. Grannymom came by and took Anderson out on a little bit of driving. He even drove on a main street-well, a main street for out here.
  • While he was gone, Keaton helped me stuff some Easter eggs. That kind of was the theme of the day since when I picked up Reagan, Campbell and Keaton joined us to run to Walmart and Academy. There we picked up the essentials for most of the kids Easter baskets-socks and underwear.
  • Back at home, this afternoon there was lots of playing with Bentley. She did have two accidents in the house-both our fault. The first one I was trying to get just a few more spelling words in before taking her out-she was whining and telling me that she couldn't wait!
  • For supper tonight, I made a tamale pie. I think that it was pretty good actually. I believe that it was only a 50 percent approval rate by the Dennie kids. That is why I made some chicken nuggets to supplement the supper. Robby did like it so, that means the recipe was a win.
  • After supper, kids headed outside to play for a little bit. Then we all gathered to pick out our March Madness picks. Everyone has picked their choices, except for Bentley. I plan on her picking tomorrow! 

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