March 7, 2021

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  •  Bentley woke us up this morning around 6:30. Probably a more accurate statement would be that she woke Robby up around 6:30. They played for a while before both of them took another nap. That did mean that when we all started waking up at 8, Bentley just had an hour of play time before a long time to stay in her kennel.
  • I walked around waking everyone up; then hopped in the shower. Before I was finished, Campbell had heated up cinnamon rolls for breakfast for everyone. We were all loaded up in the car ready to go this morning when we realized that we neglected to tell Anderson that we were leaving. I think that he was mostly ready, but we definitely surprised him and he took a few minutes to get down.
  • We made it to church on time, even early, but still struggled to find seats this morning. It was crowded for covid days. I think that people were pretty excited to get back to Sunday school-I know that I was. We had a good little class-just 7 sweet little kids. 
  • When Sunday school was over, Graham and Robby hurried home to get Bentley. This was her longest time to be left in the crate. She did really well today, but I think that we might have missed her more than she missed us.
  • During lunch at Pops' house, my people could not keep her hands off of her. They were so worried that she was whining a little bit. She was just curious about what all was happening, and soon was her calm and happy self.
  • We stayed at Nonna's for a little bit while Robby worked on their doorbell and while Grannymom took Anderson driving. They drove around the church parking lot and she said that he did really well. On the way home, Robby stopped off in a neighborhood to take him driving a bit more. He said that he did fine but was pretty nervous! (And honestly a little bit of nerves is good for a new driver.)
  • Once at home, Robby made chili and I folded clothes. Then we both crashed on the bed along with all of my folded laundry-we didn't care, Sundays wear us out. We just snoozed for a bit, because soon Robby and Campbell gave Bentley a bath. They said that she did a lot better this time-and she enjoyed licking peanut butter off of a spoon.
  • Meanwhile, I was finishing up my Catan game with Keaton, Graham and Whitman. I am happy to report that I finally won that silly game. It probably helped that Graham was ready to quit and was more than willing to trade anything to help me out so I could win faster.
  • Soon the Wilsons came over for our Sunday night supper. We had chili tonight-we didn't burn it and it was pretty good. It was from a packet so it wasn't our normal recipe. Reagan said that she liked it but she just wanted corn in it-me too! I just want corn in my food, but we have too many folks here who don't like food.
  • We played with Bentley until she was sound asleep tonight, and then we worked on putting the kids to bed. Unfortunately, there is no playing with them until they are sound asleep anymore! 

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