March 19, 2021

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  • Since this was Friday there wasn't too much happening around here-there was no school. I did count today, and I think that we have about 20 or even less days of school left this year. Maybe we will have to start doing some school on Fridays-or maybe not!
  • Early this morning right after my shower and right after some early morning Bentley playtime and nap time, I started work on packing. Bentley joined us in the camper early this morning-we are trying to get her used to it. 
  • Campbell was the first one awake today, and she was quick to come out and find us...or possibly she was looking for the dog. I think that we definitely waited until the perfect time to get the dog. The kids are old enough to help so much. And I really think the dog has brought out some good in all of the kids-Reagan is downstairs more, Anderson laughs and laughs when he plays with her, Graham acts less timid around dogs, Campbell always has someone to talk to, Keaton loves playing with her, and Bentley loves licking and sitting near Whitman.
  • I am trying to think back about the morning-it was a long time ago. It is now 1 in the morning, and I am having trouble remembering. I set straight up in bed a few minutes ago when I realized that I did forget to type the blog. 
  • Anyway, this morning the highlight was a quick run to Kroger. I was able to get my first vaccine-officially, I have been able to receive one for a while since I am a medical professional. Today was the day. While I was waiting after my shot, Robby did some speed shopping. We then ran to a pet store and were woefully disappointed at what they had. We will have to find what we need tomorrow somewhere (a long leash).
  • We hurried home to watch the Hogs. They weren't doing too well while we were in the car, but soon they started doing much better. That was a relief to most of our brackets-I think that Robby even has them going the whole way. 
  • After the game, there was some more packing. Then later this afternoon, Robby, Graham, Campbell, Keaton, Whitman and the dog went to the Crafts house. Casey washed the camper for us, and it is now shiny and clean.
  • Meanwhile, Anderson and I went to retake his driver's permit test. Last week, we had to wait in an hour line outside. This week, we waited until it was almost their closing time to go hoping to beat the line. 
  • Well, we did beat the line. There was no one there at all. When we went in, the man at the door told me that since it was a retest, I could wait in the car and Anderson would need his two forms of id. I handed him his papers and went to the car. 
  • I had barely finished my first round of prayers for his test taking when I saw him coming to the car. I was a bit confused because there was no way that he could have even taken the test that fast-unless he did super bad. He had papers in his hand which would have been good last time, but I knew he had his documents this time with him since I wasn't holding them. 
  • I opened the window thinking that somehow he needed another document or something. As I was doing this, I saw that he did indeed have his permit in his hand. He sat down in the car and told me that he had in fact passed the last time. 
  • He continued that he went in, told the lady his name, and she looked him up. She said, "Sweetie, you passed last time." To which he responded, "I did?" She confirmed that the picture was him and printed out his permit for him. 
  • Now to what happened-who knows? Last week, Anderson said that he got to question 24 and the screen stopped and changed. He assumed that he didn't pass because he didn't get to question 25-now I guess that he didn't properly read what the screen said! 
  • On the way home, he didn't know whether to be relieved or embarrassed. I was certainly relieved! And really, probably a few more days of studying didn't hurt him at all. We were back home within the hour-which is outstanding since we are never gone less than an hour anywhere we go, much less to an government office.
  • Soon Robby and the kids were back along with one of Keaton's friends. About that time, Kennedy showed up. So the house was full tonight-and since it was full tonight, after eating supper, Robby and I headed out to the camper. 
  • We worked out there fairly late getting things ready. Bentley came too-she was a bit unsettled, but finally fell sound asleep. When we did go in, we tried to trim her fingernails but she would have none of that. Ha!
  • Keaton and Sophia made a dog shaped sugar cookie-it was after 11 when the dog was finally iced. We ate most of him and he was pretty delicious! If I don't go to sleep pretty soon, I guess I will get another piece. 

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