March 26, 2021-Spring Break 2021

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Once again we all slept wonderfully last night. Bentley slept until almost 8 so the rest of us did as well. We were pretty tired after our (almost) Disney day yesterday. When I woke up, I was crazy itchy-still am really. 

Yesterday, we were getting bit by tiny gnats. They stung a bit when they bit, but then seemed to go away. Within an hour the bites were red dots, but this morning they were full blown itchy mosquito bites. I had to take a shower hoping that the warm water would help-it did temporarily.

We didn't get on the road until 9 or even a few minutes afterwards. We didn't really have too far to go today with really no plans at all. Campbell and Keaton rode the first leg in the Crafts camper leaving us with the boys and Reagan. It was an incredibly quiet ride!

We just went about an hour and stopped for gas and a glance around a Lazy Day RV store. There were lots of things to see and only a few things that we needed We did buy a few hooks-we have realized that even though everything has a real home, there just aren't enough hooks to hang things up that we need again soon. 

At that stop, we put Bentley in her kennel with her new huge chew stick. She barely touched it when we returned. We did see as we were walking in that she could have come in the store with us. Oh, well that was fine-she probably enjoyed a little bit of quiet time. After leaving the store, we had only about 45 minutes until we arrived at our destination. 

Yesterday's RV park was large, but this RV park is massive. It is just really something to see. Casey's site was in front of ours so he blocked our street which actually turned out perfect for us. We went down another street and quickly unhooked. Then Casey was able to help Robby with unhooking his trailer before he backed up. 

As we were trying to level (didn't even have to), hook things up, slide out the slides and everything else that needs to happen the kids were putting on their bathing suits and spraying sun screen. Soon we were all on the way to the pool. It wasn't a bad walk at all-on my way I saw a huge raccoon that scared the mess out of me. It was climbing the tree in front of me and then I had to walk under it. 

The pool was Disney-esque. It was massive, it was full, and it had a ton of atmosphere. The kids all enjoyed it-I even had to get in since we had gotten warm working before. Once I was wet, it was certainly pleasant outside sitting in the shade. 

We stayed at least two hours-without having the adult swim time like our pool at home, we didn't really know when to re-apply sunscreen or when to pass out snacks. I guess I ended up a little heavy on snacks and a little light on sunscreen! My people are all pretty pink tonight.

Robby put in laundry while we were swimming. Anderson went back with him at one point. Then Whitman and Graham walked back together. He came to pick up Keaton because her eyes were hurting her (the chlorine really bother her and Whitman's eyes-Whitman had a fit when I put eye drops in his eyes today. I guess he had never had any.) The rest of us walked back all except for Campbell, Reagan and Abigail who came home about 15 minutes after us. 

Back at the camper, we folded clothes, cleaned up some and then just sat outside in the shade with the fan blowing on us-it was perfect. Soon the shade started to reach us and the temperature was again pleasant. There was time for some tv watching and bike riding for the kids.

This evening we did take Bentley to give her a bath. They had a super nice dog washing area, so we put that girl up there and cleaned her well. We did cause quite a commotion because there were lots of kiddos with us. One old lady even said we looked like a parade going down the street. Ha! This place is kind of like being in a nursing home-everyone wants to talk to us!

As Robby was heating up our chili, Graham asked me to go on a walk. The walk was a bit longer than planned-and had a bit more excitement than planned. There were lots of our girls riding their bikes in front of us, Whitman was next, followed by Graham who was walking, then Anderson on his bike slowly returning with me.

When I made it back to the campground, someone or somehow I asked about Whitman. Nope! He wasn't back. By now it was starting to be dusk-I threw down the sour cream and cheese in my hand and headed out. The big boys took off on their bikes, Campbell on her bike, and Robby eventually in the car.

What followed was a pretty scary 10 minutes, but he was found safe and sound. We had been on a straight road, the girls were ahead of him and turned into our street and into our camper before he got there so he just kept peddling. Graham and Anderson took off (and I mean took off) down the road. Graham made it to him first-he was standing at a crossroads trying to decide which way to go. By this time he knew he was lost, but he didn't seem too upset.

Soon all was calm again-well, it took a while for my heart to stop racing, but we were all accounted for. And bless, my Campbell. She was pretty frantic. I probably don't rave about all of my big kids enough, but not just helping find Whitman, but all the time they are pretty wonderful.

The big 4 have often been pretty selfless on this trip. They do their best to help all of the littles-entertaining Gabriel or watching everyone. I guess coming from a large family does make you aware of little kids and trying to watch out for them. Just over and over again, their helpful, selfless servant characters have shown through.

Even though it was still warm outside, our chili for supper hit the spot. We ate it while swatting at mosquitoes-thankfully, I do think that my bug spray worked well-just too bad I didn't use it earlier yesterday. I have been pretty miserable all day from my bites yesterday. I have tried not to scratch, but just scratching one or two isn't too bad since I have probably 50. I did take a super hot shower tonight. Plus I even took some Benedryl. And actually, I better finish the blog before I start slurring my words since that medicine will soon knock me out!

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