March 6, 2021

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  • I didn't sleep well at all last night. I am not sure really how much sleep I did get because I refused to roll over and look at the clock. I am sure that I still slept a decent amount, but it didn't help any that Robby was talking in his sleep. I was never able to hear exactly what he was saying, but he did just keep talking-even after I would wake him up and laugh at him.
  • Bentley woke up for the first time around 6:45. I am sure I looked a bit crazy taking her out with a huge blanket wrapped around me. Thankfully, she wasn't too spirited at the time, or she would have really wanted to play with my blanket.
  • After taking her out, I played with her quietly in the living room for a little bit so Robby could get some more sleep. Once she went back to sleep (it still doesn't take much playing to wear her out), I put her back in her kennel and slept for a bit more myself.
  • We then woke and went to eat breakfast at Blue House Bakery. It seems like everyone has been except us, so we had to catch up. It was very good-and man, was it crowded. Robby had biscuits and gravy, and I had breakfast casseROLE, hashbrown casseROLE, and a cinnamon ROLL. They didn't call what I had the ROLL platter, but they sure should have.
  • We had planned on getting a few goodies to go, but the line was out the door when we finished eating. We did pick the kids up doughnuts on the way home. I then wasn't home too long before heading out with Campbell and Reagan.
  • We had a few stops-Kroger (to buy a rose for Reagan's science), Walmart (to buy a few things like crackers, deodorant and tomatoes), Hobby Lobby (to buy sweatshirts for Reagan's new project), and Academy (to buy soccer cleats for Campbell). 
  • My mission later this week is to find Keaton and Whitman soccer cleats from the pile of soccer shoes in the garage. Campbell really couldn't fit into any of them. Though she did upgrade her purchase today and had to pay some extra. Keaton says that she can't find any that fit her-surely, there is a pair that is her size. Someone has been playing soccer at this house for at least 10 years!
  • We picked up the Kennedy on the way home. She is spending the night with us-she pretty much is our constant house guest, and we kind of like her! 
  • I tried to take a nap during the ball game today, but it didn't work out too well. People wanted me to play a game, look through shoes, unlock the camper and then there was that dog that I had to watch (cause Robby was doing a bit of dozing too.)
  • Afterwards, the evening kind of flew by. We pulled out leftovers-once again-for supper. Then I started playing Catan with Graham, Keaton and Whitman. Our game was moving along fairly well, but we were paused by the Wilsons coming over to visit for a while.
  • When they left, I did some grammar with Reagan before trying to write the blog really quickly while Robby ushered the kids to bed!

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