March 13, 2021

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  • I don't really even remember this morning-I guess it was much like the rest. Bentley was awake around 7:30, and soon Robby and I were both awake as well. I headed to work on the dishes only to be disappointed that I forgot to start the dishwasher. 
  • Ugh, I decided to wait to run it since there was a little bit of room left. By the middle of the day the dishwasher was full so we did run it. However, that meant that tonight the dishwasher is less than halfway full, and we will be in a when to run the dishwasher conundrum tomorrow.
  • I worked on my laundry next, and then settled in to do my Bible study-I think my week is going to be a little bit busy, so I'm trying to mark things off the list.
  • Running to the library today was also on this week's list. Graham and I stopped by Nonna and Pops' house for a few minutes to drop off their monthly dessert and Pops' monthly socks. Nonna had some monkey bread over there that we enjoyed while we were there.
  • Back at home, Robby and I started work on moving Bentley's kennel. It wasn't too bad-well, we did have to move the huge armoire that houses our tv, my cookbooks, some school books, tons of electronic stuff and a collection of books that I'm keeping. The armoire is well over a hundred years old and is massive so it was a bit difficult to move. We do have those sliding feet that we put under it-that helped us move if those 3 inches that we needed to move it. 
  • Soon the kennel and tv stand was moved and my room was fairly clean. I think that Bentley's new spot will work out well and hopefully I can go to the bathroom freely during the night time. And really, hopefully she will sleep super well tonight. Robby even bought her a water dispenser for her crate (think what a gerbil drinks water out of but for dogs.) It won't always stay in her kennel except for when she is in there for a while, but we spent some of the day getting her used to it.
  • I ran Campbell and Keaton over to the Kamps house this afternoon to spend the night over there. They were so super excited-even told us that they were going to ride their bikes over and got on their bikes and headed down the road with all of their bags. Thankfully, they did come home! Ha! We didn't really think that they would try it-at least we hoped not.
  • I ran them down there and Graham came along and brought Bentley. We didn't stay too long, but Bentley was able to see her friend Delta and meet a new dog. She again did really well so that makes me happy.
  • We then huddled in the living room to watch the Hogs play. I did my best to sleep during the game to bring them good luck, but that didn't help really at all. Robby said that he was so hoping that they would win because Graham was so into the game. They have another chance later so maybe they will do better then.
  • After the game, Robby and I introduced the dog to the camper. She wasn't too impressed and just walked around sniffing the place. We did find a perfect spot for her camper for most nights-though I will never be able to get to the bathroom. On one side of my bed, we store our fans so I have to currently have to get out of the camper bed at the foot of the bed. Now the travel kennel will set there so I can't get out of bed there, so I will have to crawl over Robby to get out of the bed! 
  • When we finished working in the camper, Robby headed out to buy some candy at Kroger since it was on sale. Then we picked up the kids supper from McDonalds. Graham had been wanting to try their chicken sandwich (he said that the meat was very good, but the bun was lacking). We also picked up Chilis for us.
  • We dropped off the kids food at home, and then we ran to the Wilson's house to eat our food. While we were eating, we watched a Fixer Upper tv show. Then we came home since tomorrow is time change-I probably should have thought about that earlier since people are still showering here so bedtime doesn't look like it will happen soon.

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