March 25, 2021-Spring Break 2021

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Robby had just gotten to sleep last night when he heard a light near Reagan and Keaton's bunks. There was also a commotion. He was sound asleep so somehow he thought that dog had chewed through her kennel and was in bed with Reagan. He asked if they had the dog-they didn't hear him or would have been very confused. Keaton's bed rail had fallen, and Reagan was checking the floor for Keaton who was still in her bed. They were able to put it on better and of course tonight I worked on it as well. 

Robby was the first one awake this morning. His stirring around woke up Bentley who went to potty. Then she played on my bed for a little bit-gracious she is super bitey in the morning time. We were even trying to be quiet until she started barking at me. I believe that she wanted to play a little bit more than I was able to since there were so many folk still sleeping. Anyway, they didn't sleep too long after all of that.

The kids didn't take long at all to get outside and start riding on the Craft scooters. Last night we did not unhook our bikes when we arrived. We did get in late last night so there wasn't much time. The weather this morning was absolutely perfect. 

Robby took Bentley to the dog sitter this morning. It was relatively inexpensive, and that way we didn't have to worry about hurrying home to let her out. The lady was standing on the curb when Robby drove up, and then Bentley licked the lady all over the face. 

He came back to the campground and had breakfast before we loaded up for our Disney (kind of) day of fun. We parked at the Contemporary since we had lunch reservations. We arrived about 2 hours before our reservations so we would have time to play for a little bit. 

After a few pictures outside, we caught the monorail and rode all the way to the Grand Floridian. From there, we walked through the lobby of that beautiful hotel which was the hotel that Robby and I were in for our honeymoon. Then we used the brand new walkway from the Grand Floridian to Magic Kingdom. The walkway was a bit longer than we had expected (3/4 of a mile), but it was fairly pleasant with a breeze and occasional shade. It was fairly warm with the sun shining down on our head.

Now, when we did get in front of Magic Kingdom Casey really wanted to buy tickets. He even asked a few cast members if that was even a possibility. They were completely booked, but we still had fun doing our (kind of) Disney day. 

From Magic Kingdom, we rode the monorail back to the Contemporary where we ate lunch at the Wave restaurant. We had 3 different reservations but somehow they accommodated us all at 2 giant tables. The menu was pretty limited so I was a bit worried. However, I think that it will be one of the favorite meals of the trip.

Reagan did order off of the adult menu and got a soup, salad and sandwich platter. She didn't even ask what kind of soup it was going to be. We had to ask what kind of soup it was after she had finished eating it. Anderson just wanted a kids hamburger because he didn't care for any of the fancy things on the adult burger. Graham and Campbell had grilled chicken. Keaton had pasta, and Whitman had a hamburger. Now all of the kids meals came with 2 sides and since one their choices was a make your own ice cream sundae, they all got that.

When they delivered Anderson's sundae, we soon realized that they prepared it just for him-it was a huge bowl of ice cream. Now a little version like they were passing out at the next table full of the rest of our kids. I do believe that the vanilla ice cream, with chocolate syrup, mickey shaped sprinkles and chocolate chips. 

After eating, we then caught a bus to the Hollywood Studios. Our goal for getting over there was to ride the Skyliners. We were able to do that without any problem rode all of the way to Epcot and back. It was really a super neat Disney day. Back at Hollywood Studios, we had to catch another bus, but we were soon back at our cars.

From there, we went back to the campground for a little bit. I took my little 4 to swim with the Craft kiddos. I was super thankful that they all remembered how to swim-though Whitman never ventured to far in the deep water. I also decided that I might just winter in Florida like half of this campground. Seriously, many of these campers look like they are here to stay-like 3 foot potted plants, cement steps leading to their camper and some of these campers look about as large as our Gamble house. 

Anderson didn't swim so he stayed back at the camper. Reagan chose to go with Robby to pick up Bentley. They did stop to get a drink on the way and picked up some bottled water. We got through bottled water like you wouldn't believe on trips. My people don't like to drink the tap water-it's fine and clean, but water from different places just taste different. 

Bentley had a grand old time today. She went on walks, rode in a doggy stroller, had some treats and got lots of attention. It was well worth the money not to have to worry at all about her today. Not only were all of our people waiting to see her, but the Craft girls couldn't wait to see her either.

For supper tonight, we pulled out the air fryer and heated up all of our leftovers. It couldn't have worked out better-it did't take long and we cleaned out the fridge. Afterwards, we went to the Disney outlet store....which had closed early today. Ugh, that was pretty frustrating. I was hoping that we would be able to shop there and find a few fun things.

Our next stop was Disney Springs so we arrived there earlier, and really we needed every minute of time tonight. We didn't get there early enough to get a spot in line for the new cookie store. But we were able to walk around some in the crowd. Campbell and Keaton bought drinks from Starbucks while Graham left with cinnamon and sugar pretzels to eat. Whitman chose his snack to be popsicles from the freezer, Reagan got a strawberry Dole Whip, and Anderson never did settle on anything.

We spent some time in the overwhelming World of Disney store. It was just too big for me-too overwhelming. We did get out of there without losing anyone and with only spending a small-ish amount of money. Keaton bought two things and Campbell also bought three little things-2 of those are to give to a friend. Now, nothing at Disney is cheap so Campbell spent a good chunk of money on other people-that is just my big hearted Campbell. 

By the time we finished the Disney store, it was almost 10 so we headed to the cars. Back at the campers, we loaded up the bikes and the van (we are in a pull through site), and we also gave Bentley lots of attention before it was finally bedtime for this crew.

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