March 31, 2021

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  • Bentley slept in an hour later so that meant that no one in the house stirred for an hour longer today. Somehow we still managed to start school a little bit before yesterday. We did our reading and soon after Campbell did join her Bible study online.
  • The rest of us kept going with our school work. I quickly worked with Whitman and Keaton. Then I was able to convince Anderson to do his math so we could check it. Then I didn't have anyone to work with for the longest time. 
  • Finally Graham finished his math, followed by Reagan and her math (from today and yesterday). Then finally I rounded out the day with Campbell finishing about 12:30. Since I did have a few breaks today, I was able to at least fold my laundry.
  • Hopefully, everyone school work will start slacking off. Well, I know that Keaton will finish two things tomorrow so that will be less for both her and me. The big folks really don't finish a whole lot since all of their things are made for 180 days. (ha! ha!)
  • Lily came over and played with the girls this afternoon. Since she was such a good distraction, I left the house. I dropped off a few bags of clothes to donate. Then I ran to Walmart to buy things for Easter baskets. The Walmart that I picked is being remodeled-or they are moving every single thing in the store. It made things challenging to say the least. I was able to find enough stuff to fill up those Easter baskets. Most folks have at least 1 package of socks or 1 package of underwear in their baskets. Now Whitman doesn't have either-I couldn't rationalize buying him either when he has plenty of both.
  • I came home in time to walk on the treadmill for a little bit. Bentley hung out with Robby who was working outside. When she did come in, she had to have a bath. I believe that she enjoys digging just a little too much to stay outside for a very long time.
  • Soon it was time for me to take the crew to church tonight. They were all pretty fussy on the way-usually they are fussy on the way home from church so I was dreading the ride. However, they were all extremely chatty. Now, chatty is good, it is wonderful-but having 6 chatty people is a wee bit difficult!
  • We picked up pizza on the way home. It was pretty much gobbled up by the time that I made it into the house. We ate and did pretty much nothing for the rest of the evening-which was incredibly nice!

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