March 28, 2021-Spring Break 2021

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My Benedryl worked wonderfully well, and I probably could have slept another fer hours. I think that most of the folks in the camper could have stayed asleep longer if I hadn't gotten up and started making some racket. Robby was awake first and woke poor Bentley up to give her a bath before our start home.

We pulled out somewhere between 10 and 11. We had one difficult turn to navigate through, but Casey had more trouble than we did. We all hooked up our cars and though that he was about to pull out behind us so we went on. A bit later we got a text saying they were changing their trailer tire. We pulled off at Walmart. I took that time to run in to buy some bread for our lunches and some Snickers for Robby.

The Crafts met us there. Casey was a bit worried about his spare, but the tire place didn't have one his size. They decided to press on and if need be, they could use Robby's trailer spare. So we were soon back on the road. Reagan and Keaton were in the Craft's camper while we only had their Anna so our camper was a bit emptier than usual.

Once we were on the road, we did zoom on down the road. There was a brief slow down in traffic which somehow led to my and Traci both driving these things. I just drove for about half a mile while Robby pottied. Traci drove to the next gas station-yikes! I'm not nearly there yet. And the wind has been crazy strong today. I can feel us swaying in the front so I know the people in the back can definitely feel the swaying.

After the first gas station stop, our next goal was Buccees. We seriously, might have an obsession or maybe we just like spending money! Either way Buccees doesn't disappoint. Also the huge amount of gas pumps make filling up super easy.

We pumped our gas, walked the dog, bought icees, bought supper, made supper and were soon back on the road. We all did that in a fairly short amount of time as well. We bought 2 pounds of BBQ and put that on our buns. I think most of my crew had finished their food by the time they we had actually left the parking lot. 

Then it was back on the road. I worked on the blog some and worked on our campsite reviews. We were surprised at each spot when Reagan stayed in the Craft camper. She later said that she thought the time went quicker because she was in a different place. I would have thought that the girls would have all bounced back and forth between campers, but they all stayed in the same camper the whole day long.

Our drive today was just over 9 hours, but it was longer with our stops and traffic. After our evening Buccee's run, we were just minutes away from the Bass Pro. We didn't hang outside and play tonight and went pretty much straight to bed once we could get everyone settled. 

Bentley was the hardest to get settled-most of the evening she had rode peacefully laying on Graham on the couch. Tonight though she was racing through the camper only stopping to bark at the broom. It was something to see. Right now she is rolling around on my bed acting like an upside down turtle while playing with a blanket. 

And yes, we have taken more pictures of the dog today than we have of the kids. I will try to do better tomorrow. 

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