March 27, 2021-Spring Break 2021

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Well, today was certainly a success-we didn't misplace any of our children! My night was not a success though-those little bug bites all over my legs and arms kept me up most of the night. It was actually surprising that I didn't have claw marks everywhere. Despite trying my best to not scratch, I just had to scratch them.

My dose of Benedryl didn't do anything at all. I took another dose about 3 hours later, and that didn't help much either. My Benedryl is children's Benedryl so that is probably the reason. Tonight I took some grown up Beendryl from the Crafts so I certainly might start slurring my words as this blog goes on.

I scratched and itched and got up to go to the bathroom multiple times during the night. I tried Keaton's steroid cream, I tried lotion, I tried deodorant (I read it might work). Finally, I around 4 I took a crazy hot shower and at least I was then able to sleep until Bentley started to wake us up.

Today was our first day of this trip where we have really had time to make a big breakfast. I know this is a road trip, but this is still a camping trip, and camping trips deserve big breakfasts. Campbell whipped up pancakes while Robby cooked 2 pounds of bacon and some eggs. It was quite the feast, and everyone was pretty happy this morning.

After cleaning up, we took a walk through some of this place. It is so massive, and I so want to retire here. Or maybe I just want to summer here or even stay for longer. Bentley walked some, and she rode in the stroller some as well. It is so funny how many people stop to talk to us because of her. At least they are looking at the dog and not counting the kids.

Though our next door neighbor told Robby that he and his wife had spent all day trying to figure out how many kids we had between us and the Crafts. Ha! Their guess was 9-they were 2 off! I wonder which 2 they hadn't seen-probably Whitman and Sophia and Anna could probably be confused for one kid.

It was soon pool time. The huge slide was open so the kids loved sliding down that. It was warm today but not nearly as warm as it was yesterday. Yesterday you had to get in the pool or you would just melt. At least get in for a few minutes so you would be wet. Today, the pool was cold to me, and if we would have been at home, then I would have said "no, thank you."

We stayed there for about 2 hours. I came back with the first bunch and barely had time to clean a few things before the others arrived back. Then we grabbed some snacks and jumped into the cars to go see the real beach. Anderson decided to stay back so that was fine with us since he could entertain the dog.

Campbell was riding with the Crafts, and we had one of their girls. I think for the first few minutes they were waiting on us to get in the car and get all of our stuff together. They were parked behind us since they are 2 campsites down from us. Then we notice that Casey got out of the car and was working on something.

We watched while the kids did the commentary on what all was happening-Mr. Casey got his tool bag, Abigail got an oven mitt, Mr. Casey just dumped his whole tool bag on the ground. While all of this was happening, we were sitting comfortably in the nice air conditioned car. Eventually, Anderson came out of the camper to take Bentley out-it had been 20 minutes since we had "left." He was surprised to see us. 

The work continued behind us long enough for Casey to say that we could go ahead and go. We were in no hurry since by that time, we had pulled out snacks to watch their show. Apparently, her window fell down in the door of the car and wouldn't stay up. He tinkered a temporary solution and soon they were driving up beside us ready to go-and that's when Robby made the "roll down your window" hand motion. They may not have thought that was as funny as we did!

We then drove to the beach nearby and you know, going to a public beach in the middle of Spring Break on a Saturday is probably not the wisest of things. You know when you have been seeing the pictures of partygoers on beaches and the police are having to be called-well, that could have been our beach. It was crazy! We circled and circled for parking, went to look for another beach and then had to return to the first beach.

Robby and Casey dropped everyone off before looking for their own parking spots. They found some and then had to come and find us. The flags were red so the kids couldn't really get in very far-for which I was very thankful. I made sure that I got a little bit of sun on my legs and arms-hopefully that will help with my bites. (Because it really can't make it any worse.)

After almost 2 hours there, we headed back home. Robby drove a whole gaggle of kids to the bathhouse to take showers. Then I went with the whole crew to play putt putt. They have an 18 hole course here which was pretty fun. Everyone enjoyed it-Reagan was the official score keeper and it was certainly a challenge to keep our scores without any score cards! Anderson ended up winning with Graham being second place. I was next to last, but I think that is because I was fairly honest with my scores.

Robby did laundry while we were gone and had supper going along with the hog game on when we returned. We ate our spaghetti and watched the Hogs squeak out a victory. It was a pretty perfect evening here so we stayed out until after 10 just sitting around under the tent. These last two days have been some of my very favorite days so it was nice to make them last just a bit longer.

When we did go inside, Robby continued to work outside straightening and putting things away while I worked inside. Soon everyone was in their beds and the place was straight again. It doesn't take long for this place to get messy, and if we do a little bit of work, it doesn't take long for this place to look nice again either. Tomorrow we begin the drive towards home-if we didn't have school, we would probably make this vacation last a wee bit longer.

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