March 8, 2021

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  • Bentley woke up early this morning and played hard with Robby. She played so hard that pretty much slept for the rest of the morning long. That was nice, but when ever she is awake school is still a bit crazy. Well, really, even when she is asleep school is a bit crazy.
  • The kids are still madly in love with her. They come in the room trying to wake her up. Stomp, stomp, accidentally bump into the crate, bump her with their leg and accidentally step on a squeaky toy. They do this every time that they come in-trying to wake her up so she will play with them. While I just want her to sleep and be still!
  • School went fairly well the first half of the morning-well, I was a poor teacher and just let Whitman figure it out on his own today. He does not like staying in the room with me, but when he leaves he is constantly distracted and doesn't get his work done. Today was that day, he didn't finish until at least 3 or possibly 4. Tomorrow I will do better and keep him within arm's reach.
  • After school, I did Bible study with most of the folks. Then I found time to walk on the treadmill-I didn't find time to clean the bathrooms but that can be tomorrow....maybe! When I was finished with the treadmill, it was time to take the boys to the discipleship group. 
  • While they were there, I ran to the library and did some reading in the car. I also did a bit of snoozing-I am not sure how long I slept, but it was a nice little nap in the sun. When I came home, I had to help Reagan with a bit of school before we pulled out stuff for supper.
  • This was really a pretty low key day-other than the boys leaving for a little bit. Campbell and Keaton only have one bracelet order to fulfill so that didn't take them anytime. Whitman spent the day doing school, but he was ecstatic about getting to play Jeopardy tonight. He doesn't like to play-he just likes to check the answers!

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