March 20, 2021

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  • We went to bed pretty late, and when Bentley whined this morning at 7, Robby jumped out of bed. He said that he had slept very little last night and had been awake since 5. I think that he might be excited about our upcoming trip.
  • From sun up to sun down we have both been busy working. Robby started off his morning by making gravy and heating up some biscuits. I worked on the laundry and dishes while he was doing all of this.
  • Graham had woke up and Whitman was still snoozing in the living room where both of them had slept. It didn't take long for Bentley to find Whitman. He crawled around all over sleeping Whitman until Graham grabbed him off.
  • Now for the rest of the day, Whitman pretty much hung out in his cozy spot where he slept. And pretty much for much of the day, Bentley hung out right by Whitman. It was the cutest thing. Bentley likes Whitman because he doesn't really pay her much attention.
  • Campbell, Keaton and Sophia slept until about 10 and I think that Kennedy and Reagan even slept later. Robby, Graham, Anderson, Bentley and I took off for a quick trip around town fairly early this morning-Nonna's, Walmart, Petsmart, Grannymom's, gas station, Sonic and home before 12:30-we were moving.
  • When we made it back home, there was more work to do-oh, yes, the groceries had arrived. The girls had all gotten them in the house and were starting to put the cold things up. Robby and I loaded most of the food up in the camper and finished off that chore off.
  • Then we worked on cleaning the mini van-if we are all going to be in it the next week, then we needed to clean it a bit. When I finished then it was time to take Sophia home except that the girls were busy-they had used jumpropes and an old board to make themselves a swing.
  • When I did come back home, it was time to start packing. I had hoped to be finished with everything by 4 today, but it was well after that when I finally did finish. The kids packed their clothes which seemed to take forever. 
  • Finally, it was time to head inside to work on cleaning this place up. Robby heated up some chicken and pulled out the leftovers. We all found a little something to eat-some folks even found dessert (but I have yet to find mine.) 
  • After that everyone cycled through the showers-even the dog. Then I vegged out in the living room with Keaton watching a decorating show. Hopefully, everyone in this house will get a little bit more sleep tonight than last night!

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