March 3, 2021

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  • Let's see, some days just seem long and Wednesdays are certainly one of those days. Bentley woke up around 5 this morning, and I took her out to quickly potty. She wasn't happy about going back to sleep when I put her back in her kennel.
  • She fussed for a few minutes, but that didn't bother me at all. I went right back to sleep. I think that Robby took her out around 6:30, and then the played for a long while before they both tired out and went back to sleep.
  • Of course, I didn't get all of my morning reading in, but we did get the important things finished so that is one thing. I hope that I can at least finish all of the books that I have checked out from the library before summer time. (Currently that count is 77 books which is down from my pre-covid numbers.)
  • Whitman took forever to do his school work today. That was partly because he went outside with Bentley and Keaton once. Keaton and Bentley came back in, but Whitman never did. He said that he didn't want to come in or he would have to do school work-which was an accurate statement.
  • I think that everyone but Whitman did finish their school by 12:30. Robby at one point even came in and folded my laundry fold me. Usually I am able to fold the laundry during the school day, but this was just not one of those days. (Now, math for everyone did go much better today so at least that was one thing.)
  • After lunch, I took Campbell and Keaton to play at the Kamp's house, and I took Anderson and Graham to Pops' house to help him move some wood in his yard. I then hurried home and pulled out some school work for next week.
  • Then we gave poor Bentley another bath-that pitiful dog, she just does not like a bath at all. We tried our best-today's treat was hot dogs which she ate for awhile...until she was too upset to eat any more! Ha!
  • I found some time to walk on the treadmill once again this week-that must be a record. I didn't leave myself too much time afterwards to get ready for church. Robby had just opened a new toy-an air fryer (or other one bit the dust.) I wish I would have had more time because he was just perfecting quesadillas in the air fryer when it was time for us to hurry out the door.
  • Church was fine-I am just a bit bummed on Wednesday nights because I am all by myself upstairs and am a bit lonely. It's no fun volunteering when there are no buddies around. Reagan drove us home from church tonight-she rarely drives but still does really well. Anderson is ready to take his driver's test so I figure we will get his permit, or at least try, in a few weeks.
  • Once at home, Robby had chicken for everyone's supper. Then there was some downtime before it was finally bedtime. Bentley has snoozed all night long so I am afraid that she may be ready to play hard tonight!

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