March 23, 2021-Spring Break 2021

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In the middle of the night last night, Keaton started talking in her sleep. She does this often, but I am often not in the same room with her. Well, the whole family is not often in the same room with her. Not only did she wake Robby and I up, but she also woke up Bentley who started barking for a few minutes. She finally calmed back down, and we were all able to go back to sleep.

Everyone then slept until 8 this morning. Well, the kids really slept a bit later and only stirred after Robby and I had been awake for a little bit. We had our breakfast, hung out around the campsite and then loaded up to go eat lunch.

We probably weren't too hungry, but no trip to Atlanta would be complete without a trip to the Varsity. It ha lost some of it's ambiance probably due to covid, but it was still a fun stop for us. We had our fill of hot dogs, hamburgers, grilled cheese, onion rings, milkshakes and french fries. You certainly can't beat all of that for lunch.

From there, we were just a bit away from the Georgia Aquarium. We were able to pretty easily find pay parking. The aquarium was busy, but not really crazy busy. When we walked in the door, a man showed Traci and I how to sign up for seating for the dolphin show. Then we started exploring.

We pretty much visited every exhibit. My favorite were the sharks for sure. It was neat to see all of the fish. But I would say that the kids' highlight was definitely the dolphin show. Graham, Campbell, Keaton and Whitman wanted to sit with some of the Craft girls down at the very front in the splash zone. 

Of course they needed an adult to sit with him, so I decided to wear the red dress and sit there. The show was really neat to see from down low-we probably couldn't see everything because we were so low, but we definitely felt the splashes. I did have my jacket off and ready to cover up my head and body with. From under my jacket, I was able to peek out and see that the kids were loving every minute of it.

They were soaked by the end of it! I was pretty soaked, but not like I would have been if I wouldn't have had that jacket on! We were able to touch string rays before we had to leave. That was a super long time to leave Bentley. 

We walked back to the car, and it did help us dry off some. On the way back to the campground, we had a bit of a snack which held us over until supper. On the way back to the campground, I did run into the camp store to see if they had any stickers for the side of the camper. I did it super quick because we were anxious to get back to check on Bentley. 

That silly dog had been in her camper for almost 5 hours, and it was perfectly dry. We were all completely shocked. We had already made plans on exactly how we were going to clean what, but we didn't need those plans at all. After Bentley's potty break, we went to town getting the laundry ready for Robby to take to wash. Those of us who had wet clothes changed into something dry-it is certainly nice to have all clean clothes and non salt water splashed clothes.

Robby ran to do the laundry, and really we just vegged out for the rest of the evening. He had great luck with the washing machines, and I was soon folding the clothes and having people put them away. For supper tonight, we pulled out the age old camping device-the air fryer. Ha! It is our new toy, and we used it to make chicken roll ups tonight. It was especially easy and everyone came back for seconds. (chicken, cheese, some refried beans rolled up in a tortilla that had a tiny bit of butter on it and in the air fryer for a few minutes.)

When supper was over, we started taking down camp, because tomorrow is an early morning. We were soon packed up and just sitting at the picnic table chilaxing. It was around 11:30 when we finally told the kids lights out-but we are pretty ready for tomorrow so hopefully we will be ready for an early start.

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