July 12, 2021

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  • When I was little and people asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up, I never thought to answer "a chauffeur." However, that is certainly what I am now! All weekend long plus from what the calendar looks like, that is what I am going to be this week as well. 
  • My first passenger this morning was Campbell. This was her long awaited cooking school! She was given cooking camp from Pulaski Tech for a Christmas gift in 2019. Of course silly Covid messed that up, and there was no camp this year. Thankfully, there is camp this year-she has to wear a mask, but we will take it.
  • At 6:30 when Robby went to take Bentley out, Campbell was standing in the kitchen ready to go. She was so excited that she happily chatted the entire way there. Once there, I dropped her off for her adventure. 
  • I did receive two pictures from her-one a selfie telling me she made it in and the other was a picture of what all she had chopped plus something on her finger. I later found out that she cut her finger when laying her knife down. She said that she wasn't the only one who did that today.
  • She was in a group with about 7 other kids, and they were busy all day long. When she came back to the car at noon, she was carrying the fruits of her labor-a frittata, a biscuit and strawberry shortcake. (She even brought some extra insides of the frittata home and made Robby and I one for supper tonight-it was quite delicious)
  • When we picked her up, Robby did join me-but after waiting in Campbell's pick up line, we needed a Sonic drink. Then we also picked up pizza since I was carting my crew along with 3 girls that spent the night to the pool.
  • It was a crew at the pool for sure today. This was actually the first time that all the pool mommas have been there together. It was quite entertaining to see how we completely took over the pool. 28 kids were there today with our group-that is a lot of people (plus the deep end was closed so it was pretty crowded!)
  • After the pool, I only had my crew to bring home. Robby had already run Bentley to the vet for her heartworm shot. Ugh, it made her sick for a little bit-I just think that she has a tender tummy. 
  • Once we ate our supper from Campbell, we loaded up with Keaton, Campbell, and Whitman to go and see Grannymom and Grandpa for a few minutes. 
  • While we were there, Keaton received a change of plans invitation to spent the night with a friend. So when we returned home, we made the last run of the day to drop her off. It was a busy day, but my Campbell has so much fun this morning at her camp, that we are just super excited for her.

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