July 16, 2021-Lake Catherine State Park

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I love my Campbell, and I absolutely love that she had the opportunity to go to culinary camp. However, after taking her every day this week, I am more convinced than ever that homeschooling what we should be doing. Ha! I am just not cut out to wake up early and drive people somewhere every day of the week. Seriously though, after waking up so early every morning, I have been asleep by midnight every night. (Probably a sign that I need to be going to bed earlier.)

It was competition day at cooking school. I am not sure how many people were in groups, but each group was given a basket of ingredients that they had to use. Campbell's group made pasta with marinara, roasted veggies, along with some type of beef (which was delicious), and pineapple upside down cake with a chocolate ganache.

When she left today she had a certificate of completing Culinary level 1, along with an apron, a knife set (which included a huge knife, a paring knife, and a veggie peeler), a certificate for Best Dessert, and a certificate for Most Creative. She had the best time this week. I asked her if she had to pick between her Impact trip or cooking camp-she confidently and without hesitation that she would rather go to cooking camp. We were really impressed with her week at camp. She currently has big plans to go to each grandma's house and cook them a meal. She even has it planned out!

We spent most of the morning packing up. Our food level is kind of sad in this camper. Since we aren't going to be camping long, we didn't pack a ton of things. Now, I still probably have enough food for half of a week when usually I have enough food for a whole week. Our cabinets look bare-though we are currently eating ice cream and no one is going hungry at all.

We looked at the weather all day long worrying about the rain. There was no reason at all for us to worry today-well, we did have to fight it some but overall the weather was perfect. When I did leave in the car with Keaton, it rained on us pretty good. Keaton and I were driving because we decided that we weren't really going far enough to tow the car, but heavens we still love having a car. Also I ordered some vinyl from a place in Benton so we left early to pick it up. 

We then waited for Robby and the crew to get close. When they did, we just zoomed on the interstate right behind them and followed them the rest of the way to Lake Catherine State Park. We have the best little spot-we are right on the water with a dock right by us. Now we are right across from the power plant, but still it is beautiful. 

Robby worked on getting set up while I was busy taking pictures of the kids enjoying our spot. Campbell pulled out the fishing pole and started fishing. Reagan and Anderson sat up chairs overlooking the lake. Keaton and Graham spent some time trying to convince Bentley that it was safe to walk on the dock (they eventually got her out there.)

We debated packing up and cooking out supper under a nearby pavilion. However, the rain didn't come like we expected so we made our supper. Of course while we were eating, there was threatening sprinkles that fell off and on. 

Robby made pizzas on the Blackstone tonight. They were delicious-we had sausage and pepperoni. Next time I might make myself a bbq pizza. We were able to walk all over this campground. It was a perfect evening-a tad humid but not hot at all. 

Most of us walked over and played some volleyball. Keaton is obsessed with volleyball right now. And after playing tonight, I did realize that most Dennies aren't very good at volleyball. We did play a game called Nuke-em which we were much better at than volleyball.

There was more walking and more sitting around staring at the water before we all migrated indoors. Around 9:30, we had our camping snack-cookie dough ice cream. There is really not a better snack than that no matter where you eat it.

It is almost 10 now, but I'll tell you what the next plans are-pajamas and brushing of the teeth. Then we will let the kids stay up a good long while playing on their devices.

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