July 20, 2021

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  • When we went to bed last night, Robby didn't feel good at all. So I did the night time routine by myself and then stayed up way too late on my phone since he was sleeping soundly beside me, Thankfully, he felt fine this morning, and thankfully Bentley also cooperated and slept until 7:30 for me. 
  • I then laid back down for a few more minutes until my alarm blared at 7:59. It was time to call and get a doctor's appointment. Appointments are hard to come by right now, and I was fortunate that I wasn't told to go to an urgent care clinic. A nurse later called me back, and we were able to snag an appointment.  
  • Anderson's ear hadn't really improved any. He said that he didn't sleep much last night because of the pain. We went to the doctor around 10-he just had a bad case of swimmer's ear. We were given drops, an oral antibiotic and she put a wick in his ear. We had never had that done-basically a cotton ball to suck up the nasty. He wasn't able to leave it in his ear long since thinking about it kind of made him crazy.
  • After his doctor, we ran to get him a hair cut. So many folks have told us how cute he is right now with his hair. He wasn't too excited about getting his hair cut since he was afraid the lady would move his tender ear. 
  • Next stop was Sam's to pick up his medicine and to order cupcakes for Campbell's 1/2 birthday party next week. I then ran into Walmart to buy some sausage and price some weights (randomness, I know). 
  • Oh we did run the boy by Sonic. He needed a drink and 2 sausage burritos. He had to eat his burritos slowly because it hurt for him to chew. 
  • Robby took Campbell, Keaton and Whitman to church this morning. They had Terrific Tuesday where they made lots of crafts. It was set up where they could go to whatever room they would like and make the craft in that room. They all seemed to really enjoy it. Robby had to pick them up as well since I wasn't able to get back in time from my errands with Anderson.
  • We were home for what just seemed like a few minutes when it was time to head to the pool. Robby left first with Reagan and Graham. They got their first round of covid shots at Kroger (Anderson had gotten his at the doctor's this morning). Then we all met up at the pool for a few hours.
  • Campbell had a friend come over this afternoon and tonight. They, along with Keaton, made cakes this afternoon after the pool. It was a super big mess, but their cakes were actually impressive and tasted pretty good. They even cleaned up most of the mess so I can't complain too much,
  • Next up was swim meet tonight. Graham earned 2nd place ribbons. (One of Graham's races only had 2 boys in it while the other did have lots more). Keaton received one second place as well. Campbell finished 4th in one of her races so she almost earned one-this year she is competing against kids a year older than her so it is a bit harder to earn ribbons.
  • And finally Whitman! Whitman won a second place ribbon. He was shocked. We were shocked. I'm just not sure what happened at all there. We celebrated a victory when Whitman finished his race in second place. He was so happy to touch that wall, turn his head and see that someone was still racing against him. That was enough for us and him 
  • However, when they called his name and gave his a ribbon? His race just had 3 people in it-but he was competing against at least 3 other boys who swam. That means that Whitman beat 4 other kids in his back stroke. (Tonight I had told Robby that really the only way for Whitman to earn a ribbon this year is for it to be a mistake-hmm, wonder if it was?)
  • Back at home tonight, we ate BbQ for supper. Then we followed that up with cake that the girls made and some ice cream. Campbell, Keaton and her friend are watching tv upstairs while everyone else is being pretty quiet-I am tempted to let them stay up, but the last swim practice is tomorrow. 

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