July 21, 2021

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  • I think that I had to wake up three times last night to go to the bathroom. I guess that I drank entirely too much water before bedtime. I used to be careful not to wake Robby up, but now I am careful to not wake the dog up.
  • Thankfully, I didn't wake her up, but she did wake up at her usual morning time. Then it wasn't long until Candice arrived to pick up the kids for swim team. This was their last swim team practice. I think that they were a little bit bummed about it. However, they all came in excited telling me that Keaton was going to move to the big lane next year, and Whitman was going to move to the middle lane.
  • When they arrived home, Campbell and Keaton started getting things ready for their afternoon and evening. They were going to spend the night at Grannymom's house so there were bags to pack, chores to do here and food to pack.
  • Campbell made supper tonight at Grannymom's. I believe that she had to start on everything fairly early to get it all done. On the menu this evening was mashed potatoes (Keaton's favorite), meatballs, green bean bundles, rolls and lava cake (Campbell's favorite). It sounded like everything worked out really well-I was a bit worried that Campbell would get overwhelmed and kept reminding her that Grannymom could certainly help her at any point. However, it sounded like she didn't need too much help at all.
  • This afternoon I did what I had been looking forward too all day long-taking a nap! I had planned on just sleeping for one hour but it ended up being a bit longer than that. It was wonderful! I was even able to get Bentley to lay at my feet like a good dog and snooze some too. 
  • I did jump up after my nap because I really did sleep a bit too long, and things were about to get busy at the house. Anderson and Graham were leaving for a Bible study at Rock Creek. Good for them going someplace new with new people. Our church is lacking in activities for them so glad they can find them somewhere. 
  • Brett drove them and when they came home, they joined Reagan and her group of friends who came over for the evening. I think that there are 3 girls and 2 boys that came. They spend a lot of time outside. The boys played basketball and the girls made cookies (though after seeing the cookies that they made, from a package no less, they need to all go to cooking camp.)
  • Whitman had a thing at church tonight-it was Impact for his grade. We brought a lot of things for the Little Rock Family Care Home. Then we had a scavenger hunt around the church-this was a hit! He so enjoyed it. Each thing that we found had a little thing that needed to pray about. He wanted me to pray for most of them. However, when it was time to find the mirror he headed inside the boys' bathroom. I told him that he would have to pray since I couldn't go in there. And as I stood there holding the bathroom door open, I could hear my sweet boy saying a prayer!
  • The extra kids stayed until ten tonight and then things slowed down a bit at the house. Currently, the dog is sleeping on her pillow, the girls are watching a movie, Whitman is on his ipad, and the boys on their xboxs. Kind of peaceful around here.

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