July 4, 2021-4th of July on the Road

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We all slept in until after 8 this morning, and we weren't even really stirring until 9. It was absolutely wonderful. For breakfast this morning, we had biscuits and gravy along with chocolate chip pancakes. We are pro at making pancakes-well, Campbell and Keaton are. And well, the gravy was from a can. We tried to make it the last time that we were out, and it was a flop so we need to work some more at home before we take the gravy show on the road again.

After breakfast, we took Bentley on a short walk and sat around chatting. It was nearly noon by the time that we all loaded up and headed to the pool. We were surprised at the crowds today-they were nothing compared to yesterday's crowds. I am sure that this place could even be fairly empty in the middle of the week. 

The kids certainly enjoyed the pool. The slide is the main draw, and I would bet that Keaton and Whitman went down that slide at least 20 times today. At one point, Whitman said that this was the best day ever. 

Anderson and Graham stayed at the pool area for a while, but then asked to go down to the lake. Robby took them down there and told them to be looking for him in an hour. They didn't have watches so were worried about when the hour was. However, he told them he would get their attention if they weren't back to shore. When he pulled up, they were both walking out of the water so it was perfect timing.

He took them back, and then Robby returned for the rest of our swimmers who were at the pool. It was 2 or maybe 3 when we went back to the camper for lunch. We pulled out hot pockets today along with sandwiches. Bentley had another walk, and there were even a few rounds of baggo being played.

Keaton and Anna worked so hard on a scavenger hunt for all of the little kids. It was so cute to see them all decked out in red, white and blue glow sticks running around tonight looking for their clues. Those girls put a lot of work into their scavenger hunt.

Around 5:30 we headed to the lake so the kids could play one last time on the huge inflatable obstacle course. We thought that it closed at 7:30, but it closed at 8 so the kids had 30 more minutes to play. And they definitely used that-Campbell and Whitman were the last ones off and took their time swimming to shore. 

We put up our tent and the breeze was pleasant out there tonight. It was a really nice evening, and we were in no hurry for it to end. Of course when our evening did end, we were then in a hurry-there was lots to do tonight and it was already late. We tried to reload some of the car, plus make Graham's apple dump cake and heat up supper before it was way too dark. 

We ended up eating while there was still some light-it was probably 9ish. Tonight's supper was BBQ-I heated up way too much, but that is fine because we will eat it this next week. Graham's dump cake took a while to make-and unfortunately, I didn't really like it. Hmm, I have had this before and thought that I did like it. I guess that I just don't have a good recipe so I will not be on the recipe hunt for that. Making things in the dutch oven is kind of fun-especially since we line that baby with foil and there is no clean up. 

After we had finished eating, the fireworks started. They started off small and Bentley was fine. However, when what sounded like tannerrite went off, she started to get very nervous. We pretty much had to hold her or sit by her for the rest of the evening. She still did pretty good, but man did she want to go in the camper. It was around 10 when Robby did go ahead and take her in the camper so she could relax.

I went to the Fergusons and played a round of baggo. I was on Traci's team, and we were great teammates-since we both weren't very good! We did lose, but had a great time doing it. I stayed out chatting with the moms until it was almost midnight. Then back in the camper, there were quite a few things left to do. Right now, I am the only one still awake-and the dog is in my spot in the bed. 

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