July 13, 2021

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  • Day 2 of cooking school for Campbell. Today was all about Mexican food. She made tortillas, beef, pico, guacamole, and rice. Campbell was so proud to bring all of this home from her class. That girl just beams when she leaves the building. By the end of the day, Graham and Keaton had all decided that they want to do cooking school next year too, and Campbell of course is planning on going back.
  • Today was also Terrific Tuesday for Keaton and Whitman. They were just at the church for 2 hours, but I think that they had a blast. Their activity today was escape rooms-they were in groups and had to solve puzzles. I think they had fun even though some one moaned that they were all Bible puzzles.
  • And our final out of the house activity tonight was a swim meet. For perspective, our team scored 70 something points and the other team scored over 200 points. Graham and Campbell did end up with a 3rd place ribbon for one of their strokes. The kids all did really well and tried hard. However, the other team was just a bit more serious than we are. Whitman swam the freestyle last time, but this time he did his freestyle, backstroke and participated in 2 relays with little grumbling at all. 
  • Let's see what all happened here at home-there was lots of chores though I seem like I might be the only one really doing them these days. That's fine-the kids can have their summer off, but school/routine is right around the corner.
  • We played a bit more of our Monopoly game. Keaton is just barely hanging in there and has even started to have to sell her properties. I did somehow end this round with quite a bit of money so hopefully it stays that way.
  • Anderson and Reagan had to watch the dog and make supper while we were at the swim meet. Anderson heated up our meatballs while Reagan made mashed potatoes. It was hot and ready when we arrived home so that was pretty perfect.
  • Robby and I took the dog on another walk tonight at the kids showered. Tomorrow is day 3 of cooking school, swim practice and birthday shopping for Graham.

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