July 8, 2021

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  • In the mornings after Bentley has been awake for a little bit, she has no interest in staying in our room. She only wants to leave our room and first eat her breakfast. Then she only wants to go outside. She will actually let the whole house know that she wants out the door with her continuous barks. 
  • For some reason she is a little bit restless, I guess, in the mornings. So I have been trying to take her on a walk. The walks aren't that long, but they do seem to calm her morning barking. After our walks, I have been brushing her outside.
  • Today, I forgot the brush so we returned back inside for that. I brush her on the patio table so I can reach her easier-this has been going on since she was little. However, today was the first time that she tried to jump on the table-she almost made it, but ended up back on the ground. I guess she likes our early morning brushing sessions.
  • The kids were not awake very early at all today. Whitman was even up after his brothers. We did some more spelling-a new spelling book shouldn't make me so happy, but I am. Then we read some of his Harry Potter book. 
  • Everyone has a little bit of school work to do this summer. Some do theirs very well (Keaton), and some don't (I probably should name names!) The ones that don't do theirs very well are just kind of doing extra stuff. Now Keaton is already working on her 4th grade stuff so that will be helpful this next school year.
  • Now no one is doing any math this summer. And I know that will be a mistake, but it has made my summer more pleasant! Ha! I guess there is a trade off. I am not too stressed about it-well, I'm always stressed about school. 
  • For example, this year most of my big kids friends will not be at Bible study this year. They will be at their co-ops or even real school. My big 3 are already a bit bummed about this and would happily skip. However, I know that out of all that we do, Bible study is the most important so it (in some form) is really non-negotiable. So I've been busy praying for new, good friends from Bible study for my peeps. 
  • We did play some more of our Monopoly game today. I believe that Graham will probably end up winning. I have a slight chance-we both have houses built on our properties. Now, he does have some spots that now cost 1500 dollars so basically if one person lands on that, then they are done.
  • Campbell, Keaton and I went to the pregnancy center today. On our way, we stopped at TJ Maxx for Keaton to buy a water bottle. I tried to convince her to let us buy it for her birthday, but she had to have it now.
  • We were able to help quite a bit today at the pregnancy center. Keaton and Campbell bagged up diapers while I tried to fold clothes. Then we worked on organizing two different closets. They were crammed full of things, but hopefully we were able to make them a little bit straighter. 
  • On our way home, we ran by Walmart for buns for supper. Then we were at home for a few minutes before we all loaded up again for the pool. Robby had grilled burgers for us to eat there, and they were perfect-or maybe I was just hungry. 
  • We swam with all of the buddies until lightening cut our visit short by a few minutes. That was fine since it gave us a bit more time at home before bedtime.

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