July 18, 2021-Lake Catherine State Park

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Oh there was some good sleeping this morning. Even Bentley knew that it was raining, and everyone was supposed to be sleeping. We didn't stir until nearly 10 this morning. Robby and I had wanted to walk on a trail this morning-that had been our plans at least. However, with the drizzling rain we knew we weren't going walking on any trail this morning.

We slowly started stirring and packing up this morning. We never had a lot of things out outside so there was little to pick up. What we did have to pick up was wet so that made things interesting. Thankfully the rain did stop when we were loading up the bikes so that made it easier (though Robby and I were both prepared with our rain jackets.)

We were soon loaded up and heading out of the park. Well, we did take time to have some sausage biscuits. We still had to eat kind of good even though it was a rainy Sunday morning. After everything was put away, it was then time to head out. 

I was in the mini van with Campbell and Keaton following Robby in the camper. It didn't take anytime to get back to Benton. Our first stop was Kroger-I ran in to buy some gift cards so we could get a discount on gas. Gas isn't cheap, and the camper takes a wee bit of gas. 

After Robby filled up the camper and topped off my car, I headed with the girls to Walmart. I had seen online that the Bryant store had one inflatable kayak. It was half the price of the same one on Amazon. I doubted that we could even find it since often their online inventory isn't that great. Surprise, we were actually able to find 2. I know that since we bought them, we won't have the opportunity to use them for the rest of the summer. However, I do think that they will be good investments and really a whole lot of fun. (4 out of 6 Dennie kids said that their favorite thing was kayaking this weekend. The other 2 said Larry's pizza.)

Soon we were all at home. The ones that had beat me home had really gone to town emptying the camper. They were practically finished by the time that my girls arrived. I had them do a few trips and that thing was empty, laundry going and most things put away. Now Robby and I worked for the rest of the afternoon on getting things put back correctly since some things had to dry out this afternoon.

We did make time to take the little 3 to the pool. They always enjoy a few hours at the pool-and today, the slide and water fountains were back on. They love the slide, but I really don't like the loud noise that comes with all of the gushing water. 

We hurried home after 2 hours so we could make last night's meal tonight. Since we went out for pizza last night, our planned meal was done tonight. The Wilson's came over and the boys told us all about church tonight-it was a murder mystery.

Anderson dressed as a cowboy from the 1920s while Graham donned Pops' suspenders and hat dressing a newpaper deliver boy from the 1920s. They had a blast I think. Now Anderson's ear is bothering him. I am pretty sure that it is swimmer's ear so we are currently trying everything we can-drops, pills and a heating pad-so hopefully it will be better in the morning. Despite all of this, he also had a good time tonight.

After eating, we did all celebrate National Ice Cream day with a few tubs of ice cream. The kids went to town and we were left with just a bit of ice cream left! We ended the evening with lots of laundry and lots of ear drops (Bentley is getting some as well as Anderson)

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