July 29, 2021-Happy 13th Birthday Graham!

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  • We started this morning waiting for the birthday boy to wake up! Robby told him that we would go out and get doughnuts, but he needed to be up by 9:30-I am sure that Graham had to set an alarm! 
  • It didn't really matter what time he woke up, we were still getting doughnuts. Campbell was the only one who wanted to go with us this morning on that trek. Well, we had another mission too since we had to pick up the white van from the shop and drop off the mini van at the shop. 
  • Then it was home for birthday doughnuts. I just can't believe that Graham is 13. That means for a few months we have a 13, 14 and 15 year old. We asked him what he would like to do today, and he said nothing. So that is what he got-pretty much he did nothing all day long!
  • I missed my morning walk with Bentley since it was too warm by the time we finished with the doughnuts. Reagan did take her on a walk this afternoon-well, I am not sure how far they had been because when I drove by (from where ever I had been) she asked for a ride back to the house.
  • Around 1, I did load up with all of the girls and Whitman and go to the pool. Reagan drove us there and back-she did great. Not a perfect parking job, but an adequate one. She just isn't too confident, but that will come with time.
  • I left the pool with Eden instead of Keaton and later switched Eden and Campbell for Keaton and Lily to spend the night over here. They didn't have too long to play since it was soon to go out for Graham's birthday.
  • He picked Subway for our supper. The boy loves meatball subs...and they were out! Yep, that is how his birthday year has gone so far (poop in the pool and no meatballs). It is a good thing that Graham is resilient and likes steak sandwiches just as much.
  • We ended the evening with ice cream and watching a silly movie. Currently, the boys are all upstairs on their ipads We have a free trial to Apple Arcade and they are getting their money worth. Keaton and Lily are upstairs in the bonus room, while Reagan is hiding out quietly in her room. Robby just suggested that I finish blogging while he works on picking up the house-he is in his office going through papers so I might just keep on blogging until he gets to the rest of the house. 

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