July 28, 2021-Happy Birthday (party) Graham!

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  • Since it has been so hot outside, I have been trying to walk Bentley earlier. Today I am not sure if I was later than before of if it was just hotter today. We made our whole little walk until we got to the end of the road-we had about 20 feet left to go in the sun so we turned around so we could stay in the shade. 
  • Then I usually brush her on the table out back when we came back from our walks. However, it is just in the sun and even at 9 it is hot out there. I tried to move to another spot but that made our routine a bit off so she just wanted to bite the brushes instead of letting me brush her.
  • Around 10, I went upstairs to check on the girls-Campbell and her friends had stayed up late last night and woke up a little bit late as well. They made cinnamon rolls for their breakfast/lunch.
  • About that time I left with Anderson for a meeting at church about his Jr. Upward intern position. It looks like he is going to be an intern this year and earn credit for his camps. His meeting was pretty short so on the way home he convinced me that he needed Sonic. That was fine because I needed to run into the library for a few books.
  • I thought that it was just a few books that I was getting at the library. However, since it is time for school, I have been requesting books left and right. I was a bit surprised though when I had so many books that I completely filled my basket and had to struggle to get it to the car.
  • I wasn't home long when it was time to head to the pool. Campbell went with us and we picked up Keaton there. The girls had fun playing-so much fun that we didn't get home until some of Graham's party guests had already arrived.
  • Graham had requested to have just a few friends come over and go to the pool. He had Noah, Chase and Wyatt over. They played basketball at first before we went to the pool for a bit of swimming.
  • Robby ran to get ChickFilA, and the boys ate their food. They didn't put my wrap in the bag so Robby went back to get it. While he was gone, someone pooped in the pool-meaning that they closed the pool. Ugh! At least they were able to swim for a bit.
  • It actually all worked out well, because Robby took the boys to Kroger and they bought ice cream. Then after a bit more playing at home, we had ice cream, sang Happy Birthday and opened presents. I think that he was pretty happy with his birthday party!

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