July 24, 2021

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  • This morning started early with the City Swim Meet for Graham, Campbell, Keaton and Whitman. It was warm, but we were able to stay in the shade most of the time. The kids were in the sun, but I think they faired pretty well. 
  • All of my kiddos swam the freestyle with Whitman doing the backstroke, Campbell doing the breast stroke and Graham and Keaton doing the butterfly. Graham, Campbell and Keaton will all end up with ribbons from their races. Whitman did come in 9th in one race and 8th and above received ribbons so that was close. (Though bless-his first race his goggles fell down again and his second race he looked like he was swimming lazily down a stream with no cares or hurries at all. He was living his best life!) 
  • All of the kids were in a relay race or two. I am not really sure the results of those-well, from what I saw winning isn't everything and they had fun! Ha! Overall the kids did enjoy this swim team year. I'm not too sure if they have learned a lot or much at all, but they did get some good exercise and have some fun.
  • The swim meet was supposed to last until noon, but we were out of there by 11 so that was a wonderful surprise. We went to Sam's to pick up some waters but the free food truck was sitting out front so you know we all got out. We had lemonade and ice cream bars before going in.
  • We did our Sams shopping and even stopped for a churro, pretzel and some icees before going outside to pick up some more free food-burgers and cookies for most folks and a chicken wrap for me. We love fun and free treats.
  • Back at home, we did not much of anything. Well, the house is at least straight-well, my areas are straight. The kids' rooms are looking a bit deplorable. After straightening some, I had a little nap-well, actually I had a long nap. Like had to set my alarm so I could wake up-it was wonderful.
  • I did run to church to pick up one of Keaton's friends to spend the night. One of the boys' friends came over as well so we have a house full tonight. The boys migrated to their bedroom and stayed there most of the time except for a bit of basketball playing.
  • The girls did some tie dyeing before we ran to the pool for a few hours. We picked up ChickFilA for supper, and then swam until the closed the pool for the evening. Currently the girls just finished making cotton candy and have settled in to watch an episode of Supernanny. After that is over, I plan to put this house to bed!

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