July 15, 2021

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  • Cooking school day 4-this was the first morning that we had to wake Campbell up. The other mornings she has been awake before we had even planned to wake her This morning Robby went up there first and after realizing that I never heard her footsteps above my head (I was still in bed waiting until the last moment) I had to go up there and wake her as well.
  • Today Campbell came home with her tshirt along with a full meal-stuffed chicken breast (I thought it was really good but Reagan thought it was just so-so), bacon wrapped green beans (I think Pops had one and liked it, but Reagan didn't like the mustard dipping sauce), hot rolls (Robby proclaimed them delicious), honey butter (Campbell said she didn't like it), and mashed potatoes (I tried those and thought they were really good.)
  • After camp, Robby took Campbell to Nonna and Pops' house for a little bit. They grabbed lunch from ChickFilA, and Campbell enjoyed hanging out over there. She did know that the rest of us were going to the pool, and when she heard that her best buddies were going to be there, she wanted to catch up with the rest of us.
  • Robby brought her to meet the rest of us...but maybe I should catch up on the rest of the morning. Bentley and I went on a walk after we (the dog and I) dropped Campbell off. Then it was chores for me. Lots of packing happened-I'm a bit bummed currently. It looks like it is going to rain the entire trip. That is fine with me, and I'd be happy as I could be stuck in the camper all weekend due to the rain. However, for the kids the rain is not the best option.
  • The boys all did their packing this morning too. Keaton didn't make a cake today or even ask to cook. I think that was because she was asleep until 11.Reagan was even stirring before Keaton. When she did come home from the pool yesterday, she did tell me that she had swam some crazy number of laps-like 34. I guess she had completely worn herself out.
  • Keaton was only awake for a little bit before it was time for us to load up and go to the pool again today. The buddies showed up so it was a crew today. After we had swam for a little bit, Campbell showed up and was able to play for a while.
  • Robby took the big boys home. They enjoyed swimming, but they were ready to go. I stayed until 4:30 so that was quite a while for me-three and a half hours. After swimming, we all headed home-the girls still had to pack.
  • I pulled out everything from the fridge for the kids to eat. Thanks for Campbell and her cooking this week, the fridge was pretty full. Once they had picked their food and started eating, Robby and I left to go out to eat.
  • We ate at Tazikis-we had the hummus, pimento cheese and split a chicken dish. We were so full by the time we had the chicken that we weren't even able to eat everything. I guess that we should have saved some room for dessert, but we just walked around Walmart instead-we are wild and crazy.
  • We stopped at the WIlson's house on the way home, and then came home to dish out some ice cream for the kids. After that it was soon bedtime for this crew!

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