July 14, 2021

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  • This morning we were leaving for cooking camp along with swim team practice. Campbell once again had a great time at her camp. She came home with focaccia bread which was absolutely delicious along with homemade linguine, marinara and meatballs. That girl is in her element in that camp. (Robby said that there was a spot open for next weeks camp too (Culinary II) and if it wasn't so dang expensive we would send her again!)
  • Robby drove the bus to swim practice. He picked up the neighbors on the way there. He was able to run a few errands during it and pick up a few things that we need for this weekend. He even bought them a drink and some cookies while at the store. 
  • Before we could put away the things that Robby bought along with the groceries that were delivered, Keaton was asking to make a cake. And make a cake she did-a two layer iced cake with flowers all over it. She did a great job and needed minimal help. I think that she wanted to have her own cooking school here at home.
  • Graham went birthday shopping with Nonna and Pops this morning. They went to H and M, Nike, Bass Pro, and Academy. They might have been even gone to a few stores that I have forgotten about. I know that Graham had a blast out shopping and even had lunch at ChickFilA.
  • I worked with Whitman this afternoon-and for some reason it took forever. I have been slowly adding in things that we have to do for school, but gracious his mind was elsewhere today. He was probably thinking about things like "if you hair loses melanin when you age and changes colors, why don't your eyes change colors too as you age since they have melanin in them?" (Actual Whitman question from the other day-eye color does get darker as you age due to increased melanin)
  • Anderson and Graham went to a Bible study at Rock Creek tonight. I think that they enjoyed it. They came home with a book-so that is a good sign. Brett drove them and even hung out a little when they returned home. 
  • By the time that they did return home, there was a house full of Reagan's friends here (mostly girls but one boy). That crew hung out mostly in the bonus room, but did manage to play outside some. I think that there was a basketball game of some kind that happened.
  • Robby took Whitman, Campbell and Keaton to the pool. We tried all day long to get our buddies to join us but never got any takers. So he took them to swim for a few hours this evening. That did help Reagan out since her little sisters want to be like her and hang out with her friends. 
  • When the swimmers came home tonight, we cut Keaton's cake and pretty much devoured every bit of it. We did just have a little bit to save for tomorrow so I am sure that will be gone before people have finished getting their breakfasts.

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