July 7, 2021

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  • The morning started early with swim team this morning. I read a book and even planned some school while I was sitting there so I was super pleased. Actually, the book that I am reading is about raising grateful kids in an entitled world. And as soon as the kids finished swimming, I was asked for doughnuts and Sonic drinks. When I declined, I was told that Dad always buys them for us. I just moved my bookmark back to the very front of the book so I could start reading it again!
  • Once at home, I did take Bentley on a walk-this time we stayed away from the big dogs so I didn't have to carry her home. Robby took her 2 walks today too so this dog is completely worn out. It is almost 11 right now and she still hasn't been able to snooze much tonight, so hopefully she will sleep in tomorrow.
  • Not much out of the ordinary really happened today. The only thing that I can think of is that Whitman started a new spelling program. I am sure you remember me pulling me hair out last year with him and spelling. It is hard abandoning paid for books that worked for everyone else, but that must be done for him. So we started something new today...and it might just make all the difference in the world. (Fingers crossed)
  • At 1, I took Campbell, Keaton and Whitman to Rock Creek-they had 4 huge, inflatable water slides set up in their parking lot. It was a lot of fun-and it was hot! So very hot. Like you couldn't stay too long or you would die hot. Like I thought about going down a slide fully clothed hot. Like we just stayed about 30 minutes before climbing in the hot car which was cooler than outside hot.
  • The kids had a blast though, but they were also ready to get to the pool. Some of the buddies showed up at the pool, and we stayed for about 2 hours. I actually left with Whitman after our two swims, but Campbell and Keaton stayed a little bit longer.
  • Robby and I took Reagan to a friend's house before I ran home to get a shower before the next activity. Tonight we went to a going away party for our missionary friends from church. Their 4th child became one of Campbell's (our 4th child) good friends. I am so disappointed that they are leaving, but I hope that the girls can keep in touch.
  • The party was outside so the kids had a lot of fun running around-Anderson chose to stay home since he didn't really know the folks. Whitman and Graham chose to come-since there was going to be desserts!
  • Once we came home, I was home for a little bit before leaving again to go and pick up Reagan. It was a long evening, but maybe tomorrow will be a bit quieter (nah!)

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