July 17, 2021-Lake Catherine State Park

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Aww, there is nothing better than camping sleeping. The only thing that could have made things better would have been if there had been rain falling on the roof of this camper. Every night when we go to bed in the camper, Robby tells the kids to wake him up if they are hot or cold in the middle of the night. I had gotten up to go to the bathroom-and despite having to crawl to the end of the bed, crawl over Robby's feet, open the curtain, open and close the bathroom door, flush the potty, open and close the bathroom door again, close the curtain and crawl back into bed-Robby sat up and said, "what do you need, Babe?" 

I told him that I just had to go to the bathroom and needed to get back into bed. He had thought that I was Keaton and was even a bit confused about my answer. I guess I have crazy bed head like Keaton! Despite all of this, we all slept for a while this morning. Bentley had to potty around 7:30, but we did go ahead and sleep until 8:30 which was super nice after a week of waking up early for cooking camp.

Breakfast this morning was chocolate chip pancakes, bacon and orange juice. Everything was pretty perfect. We took a few walks this morning. Keaton, Campbell and Graham walked with Bentley and I to the volleyball net again. They played some volleyball until Robby arrived with the car.

He drove us to the marina-well Graham walked with Bentley and Keaton rode Campbell's bike. Robby checked on renting boats-the big ones were all gone for the day. However, there were plenty of kayaks. Robby rented 3 and Campbell, Keaton and Graham jumped in them.

Well, they really didn't jump in them. We hadn't planned on doing anything right then so they were without bathing suits or great water shoes. Some took off socks, and it took a little bit of convincing that they could indeed paddle successfully to our campsite. Campbell and Keaton were both a bit concerned. We knew they wouldn't have any problems and plus they had on life jackets!

Robby rode the bike back while I drove the car back to the campsite with the dog. It took the kids about 15 minutes to arrive at our site. Campbell was pretty happy when she saw Bentley and I sitting on the dock. 

As soon as they arrived back at the campsite, there were bathing suits thrown on, and the kids were in the water and floating around on the kayaks. I even did a bit of kayaking-I usually sit out on those things, but I really enjoyed it today. Anderson and I went almost to the middle (probably not really) of the lake. I wanted to go to the power plant across, but when Anderson told me that was really far, I quickly changed my mind.

However, later in the day Robby did bet Graham and Campbell that they couldn't go to the power plant and back in 20 minutes. We really did not think that they could make it there in back in 20 minutes, but sure enough they rowed all the way across that lake and back in 16 minutes both earning 2 dollars.

Grannymom and Grandpa came for a visit today. They were around while the kids were kayaking and even for lunch. We had sandwiches...and gracious me! We forgot to eat the pasta salad that I had made for our lunch. The last time we went camping, I forgot to make it. And now this time I made it ahead of time so we wouldn't forget and we forgot! Ugh!

Anyway, we had sandwiches which Robby grilled. Graham commandeered the last little bit of mozzarella cheese to make himself a pizza like last night. I used the leftover pita bread for a sandwich-Robby heated it up, and it was absolutely delicious. But it would have been better with that pasta salad. I might just have me a bite right now.

The kayaks were due at 3 so around 2:40 the kids headed back to the marina with them, Grannymom and Grandpa headed home and by the time that we got back to the camper, it was getting dark. It actually got very dark very fast. Robby and I had already covered everything up, but we did some more picking up while waiting on the storm.

When we finished, we pulled out chairs and sat down to watch the storm roll in, When it did come, it came with a vengeance. Robby and I scurried into the camper. At first it was just rain, but soon the thunder and lightening came. There was one clap of thunder that was so, so loud. The little girls jumped, Bentley saw them jumping and jumped herself. Graham soon came out of the shower and asked if we had heard it. Then he said that he thought that he was going to die it was so loud.

The storm lasted for about 30 minutes, and soon the rain had passed. Well, we thought it was finished raining. Robby and I took Bentley on a walk, and when we returned we were covered in drops of rain. This was enough for Robby decide that making our fried rice and lo mien noodles on the blackstone tonight wasn't in the cards.

So we loaded up and went to civilization-Larry's Pizza. It is kind of strange that we have been to this Larry's Pizza in Malvern already this summer when we were camping and when it was raining. That trip was when we were at Lake Degray. This time we had all of the kids. I think by everyone's jovial attitudes that they had a good time. Campbell, Keaton and Graham found a dollar in coins and begged a dollar from Robby, and ended up spending about 30 minutes in the game room earning tickets--enough tickets for them each to have a few pieces of bubble gum.

Then we walked through the Dollar Tree which was adjacent to Larry's Pizza. Robby didn't even bat an eye as every child (except for frugal and sensible Anderson) found something that they had to have. We left with slime, a baseball bat, hair ties, a kitchen brush and a few more "must have items." 

When we returned to the campsite, those middle three decided that the ball and bat from the Dollar Tree would work best in the lake-so swimsuits were back on and they swam until it was almost dark. They had to shower off again, but they had a blast. 

It is currently 10, and everyone is in their bed playing on their devices. I am about to take my shower, and then it will be bedtime!

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